This book selection was updated on October 30th, 2020.
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Free: Living High on a Low Hog: Philosophical and Practical Advice for Building a Life of Meaning, Enjoyment and True Freedom with Limited Resources in a Changing World

A book of philosophical and practical advice for living a free, meaningful life in a heartless and predatory world without a lot of money. And also kind of a memoir about living in the underbelly of Portland, Maine in the 90s, a time when it had a strange and magical beauty. ... [Read More...]

Free: Nineteen Hundred Days

Twelve-year-old Ben panics when his parents don’t come home from work. Having been raised to believe that the police and CPS are the enemy, he will do anything to avoid foster homes for him and his sister. Unfortunately, their incredible journey to evade the authorities brings them into contact with people who may not have their best interests at heart.... [Read More...]

Free: Easy Crocheting Patterns For Beginners

Easy Crocheting Patterns For Beginners is the right crochet pattern books for you as we have included a huge variety of patterns with step-by-step guides so you will not get lost in between steps. Popular crochet patterns afghans, baby blankets, amigurumi and many more have been included as well! ... [Read More...]

Free: Her Dominant Neighbor

Pure, innocent Bree Hayden has been away for three years, but she still burns for Tanner, the next door neighbor back home. No one else has ever been good enough. Tanner Green sent her away once, for her own protection. He won’t let her get away again, but can he protect her from her own family? It’s impossible to deny the chemistry but Bree doesn’t trust easily. Does she dare let Tanner have her heart, or will the secrets around her destroy them both? ... [Read More...]

Hollywood Enigma (Hollywood Name Game Book 5)

From internationally bestselling romance author Alexa Aston – the final book in the exciting Hollywood Name Game – a stunning new contemporary romance series. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited! She’s a legal shark—sleek and deadly—but doesn’t trust anyone beyond her small circle of family and friends. He’s internationally famous—and yet a mystery to the world as he cloaks himself in privacy. Can they shed their fears and open their hearts to one another? Actor Wynn Gallagher i... [Read More...]

The Emerald Buddha

If something seems too good to be true then it probably isn’t. Erica should have remembered that when she agreed to take up an exciting job offer. Her talents were needed to track down a gang of thieves stealing ancient Buddhist treasures. Her knowledge of the Tibetan language would be put to good use and she would be returning to a part of the world that fascinated her. The pay was fantastic and she might even get in a bit of rock climbing. It looked so straightforward at first. She met some... [Read More...]

The Italian Obsession

She’s too young. Jailbait young. Her innocence and purity don’t belong in my world. I killed her father. None of it matters. Angelina Baldi is the bane of my existence and my absolute obsession. She belongs to me. She’s safe only with me. But her wedding bells are ringing, and I’m not the man waiting at the altar. I’ve killed for her before. I’d do it again. Except that her groom is the only man on earth I can’t kill. My own blood. The Italian Obsession... [Read More...]

So You’ve Got Fibromyalgia

This book will not tell you what to eat. It will not tell you what exercise to do. It’s not that kind of book. But what you might need if you suffer from a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia is reassurance that you are not going mad. With mysterious aches, pains and ailments – not to mention all of the unintentional hilarity of having lived with the condition for over a decade – Vasily Pugh takes an irreverent look at how life changes forever. Expect self-pity, self-deprecati... [Read More...]

A Julie Madigan Thriller Series

Julie Madigan’s career with the New Mexico State Police ended in a puddle of her own blood after having her throat cut, barely able to lift her gun to shoot and kill the man who almost ended her life. Now you can read the first four books in the Julie Madigan Thriller series in this collective box set. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Real-Life Prince Charming

Friends? I wouldn’t exactly call Frank a friend. He was at one time, my best friend. We shared everything. I was a dreamer and Frank was the real-life Prince Charming that every girl wanted. Fast forward ten years and I’m back in our hometown of Hampton. He’s been in the military, grown into a dominant, strong man and it shows. The boy that I dreamed about, was now a man that took my breath away. Rock-hard abs, thick biceps and a smile that said he knew what I was thinking. We’re all gr... [Read More...]

Free: Mind Masters: Awakening

In a thrilling, science fiction novel, “Mind Masters” takes you to a world where no one can lie, not even to themselves. Your thoughts are no longer yours; your mind, no longer your private refuge. A world where radical scientists release viral nanotechnology that causes telepathy. Magan, jobless and aimless, is suddenly forced into the middle of global mayhem as she struggles to remain alive. Terrified, she watches humanity tear each other apart as truth is revealed… and it’s a... [Read More...]

Free: Toro

A story that evokes beloved films such as ‘Babe’ and ‘Ratatouille.’ Alicía Catalina Cortés is a fast and fiery Spanish cow who desperately wants to run with the bulls in Pamplona—but since she’s a cow, tradition forbids her to partake in the fiesta of San Fermín. Toro is set in the colorful backdrop of Pamplona. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Murder Ballad Blues: A Mystery Novel

“Readers will relish this story’s superior tension.” Midwest Book Review Abit Bradshaw is running for his life. A series of mysterious deaths in the N.C. mountains draws him into the search for the killer—and comes too close to home. You’ll love this suspenseful mystery because everyone longs to find justice in this crazy world. This standalone novel is the fourth book in the Appalachian Mountain Mysteries series. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Wicked Love

Get Ready For Mischief… With days growing shorter and nights getting colder, get into the Halloween spirit with this collection of wicked stories designed to thrill you. ALL proceeds of the Wicked Love collection will be donated to the LIFT campaign and its charitable partner KultureCity, which supports families on the autism spectrum. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Witch Fairy Tale

Lexie – a threat to the Coven? Lexie thinks she’s on a quest to rescue her fairy, Rebel. In reality, she’s been tricked… Literally, led up the garden path, and imprisoned after being found guilty without a trial. When her greatest foe becomes her strongest ally, Lexie knows the rules of the game have changed. Life will definitely never be the same for her again. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Sunday at 7

Jason Donovan has a secret. The Clere’s Restaurant’s drama has been unfolding in front of his eyes. If he can see it, so can the restaurant’s other guests. But there’s something the servers aren’t telling him, and he will get to the bottom of it. Kat couldn’t get out of the restaurant fast enough. Funny how things work out…she never thought she’d meet someone like Jason. Secrets, lies, affairs, and deceit are served with a smile at Clere’s R... [Read More...]

Your Gemini Child: He’s Not Crazy, He’s Just Always in his Head

***Want to know all the secrets to handling your daydreamy Gemini child?*** Gemini children are easily bored and are always daydreaming. Their minds are incredibly active. As soon as they have a thought, they are on to the next one. That is why it appears that they never listen to you. So how do you get them to pay attention? By understanding how their minds work, by respecting that they are driven more by logic than emotion, by not endlessly lecturing them, and by giving them the freedom to pu... [Read More...]

Eternal Answers: What is a Sense of Life

When you ask yourself what is the meaning of life, you try to find the answer in literary works on this topic. The book “Eternal Answers” is the very answer, after reading which you will learn: What is a sense of life? How to make yourself happy? Who am I? Why am I here? What is a soul? What is my purpose? How to find your goal? And much more… Eternal Answers is much more than just a book; it is a roadmap for your spiritual journey. A journey that will change your life. Fulfil... [Read More...]

Witch Way To Go

Ready for a killer road trip? Evian Wavily just signed up for a cross-country scavenger hunt. She’s expecting action, adventure, and possibly a sunburn. She didn’t agree to the ghost in her room, or her best friend Rita sneaking into the race. But all’s forgiven — if not forgotten — they race across Kenya. The plan is simple. Too bad nothing else is. Evian and Rita are plagued with luck that redefines bad. Flat tires and a faulty GPS are only the beginning in a race that includes ... [Read More...]

Free: Chasing the Prophet

As the fear of nuclear attack becomes more real than ever, the key to saving everyone’s lives lies in the courageous relationship between a shy teenager and his loyal dog. In this gripping story, the two find themselves with their backs against the wall, forced to demonstrate incredible courage in order to save the entire human race. But…will that suffice? ... [Read More...]

Masters of the Broken Watches

When you’re in a near-death experience, people say time slows down. What if time does actually slow down? Or when people experience being at the right place at the right time. What if one could predict with certainty that right time and place? Sebastian Miles, an adventure-loving, risk-taking marine biologist accidentally discovers a new species that has the power to change the way we humans experience time. While performing research, he and his team are shocked by a logic-defying phenomenon... [Read More...]

The D- in 403B

Brett Coburn is a mature, respectable adult. He doesn’t get into arguments and he doesn’t name call like a kid on the playground. It doesn’t matter that the guy in 403B is the best-looking man Brett has ever laid eyes on. He’s a dickhead and Brett has the letters to prove it. That’s why nobody is more surprised than Brett when their thinly veiled threatening letters take a turn for the fun and flirtatious. $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Unlock Bliss: A Memoir Of Getting Happier

An inspiring memoir of a late bloomer who received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the age of 40 and began surfing the waves and competing in triathlons in his sixties, demonstrating that age doesn’t matter. In a conversational style the author is sharing all his secrets of living better and longer while enjoying every moment. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

_Shift: A Thriller of Multiple Dimensions

Multiple dimensions exist and they are ripe with resources for the taking. An anonymous message and mysterious piece of source code is delivered to the New York offices of Wired Magazine. Newly-hired science journalist Dr. Pei Xiao has just gotten the opportunity she’s been waiting for, a chance to justify her life choices to her parents back in Taiwan. Photographer Roy Bryant just needs to keep the bills paid. Follow Pei and Roy as a simple interview develops into a complex thriller of b... [Read More...]

Maybe It’s Fate

Reckless is my middle name. Guess that’s why I got a medical discharge from the military. A fighter pilot with no plane to fly is a very unhappy boy. So commercial airlines, here I come. Thanks to a bit of serendipity, I end up in Fiji with a hot as hell, broken-hearted woman. Poor thing got stood up at the altar and decided to go on her honeymoon anyway. The man who did it must be an idiot. This woman is everything any man would want in his life or his bed. We’re complete opposites. She’... [Read More...]

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven

The Man Who Corrupted Heaven is a beautifully dark novel of self-discovery. Isaac McGlynn has it all and he’s taking it with him. Isaac is cold, unfeeling, and wildly successful. After experiencing the loss of his mother and living his childhood in an orphanage, he gained everything as a businessman. Everything but love. When Isaac is diagnosed with terminal cancer and realizes that his time on Earth is severely limited, he decides to take some of his money with him rather than leaving it all... [Read More...]

Self Care Made Easy

Reclaim your life and be a more fulfilled and energetic you!!! It’s possible with ‘SELF-CARE Made Easy’, a Christian self-care guided journal for women! Put self-care first and discover a wellspring of energy that will allow you to reach your goals and more. Using this transformational self-care journal for the busy Christian woman, you can unlock quick, actionable steps that will allow you to: -Make time for self-care -Set the best boundaries for you -Recognize Superwoman Syndrome -Say ... [Read More...]

Free: Tim the Tiny Block

Little Tim just wants to help! But when a group of toy blocks set off on a mission to construct a house, he can’t quite find his place. He’s a different size! He’s a different shape! How can Tim help his friends when he’s not like everyone else? Vibrant illustrations and playful rhyme come together in D.J. Bianco’s original story to show us that it’s okay to be different. ... [Read More...]

Free: Destiny

Renny McGuire is about to find out her whole life has been an elaborate charade. Designed to protect her, it unwittingly puts her in the cross-hairs of a dark and dangerous world she must quickly learn to navigate. As a series of terrifying events unfold, Renny must determine who is friend and who is foe. Renny’s fate was written in the stars, but she alone must choose her destiny. The future of two worlds hangs in the balance. Destiny, the exciting conclusion to Faete. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Buried in My Past

She’s desperate to stop the panic attacks. But the truth won’t set her free… Jamie Kendal sees life through the bottom of a bottle. After surviving assault and betrayal, she is forced back to her hometown to care for her mother. Not long after her return, she’s plagued by terrifying slivers of memories from the night her twin brother disappeared forever… Unearthing new evidence, she’s shocked to learn she’d been found wandering in the woods that same night—covered in blood. More... [Read More...]