Free: Blood of the Lily

Triplet sisters, one dead, one kidnapped. A vengeful leprechaun and a scheming goddess. Can Lily save her last sister? Whether she believes it or not, leprechauns are real, and in Lugh she has made an unfortunate enemy. Contending with her past grief, Lily races to save Rose from the deranged whims of an unscrupulous faery and find out what, or who, is behind this mysterious turn of events. Weaving lore, light, and the lush beauty of the Irish language into the wintery landscape of a mystical I... [Read More...]

Free: Raze vs Snatchers: Book One in the Raze Warfare Series

An LGBTQ+ action romance series that packs a punch…“Razes, Razes, everywhere…..snatchers, snatchers all beware…” Hato’s gang must go up against an underground system trading in the lives of youths, or risk losing the kid brother of their group forever. Kiddo prefers to be a wallflower. But being a ten out of ten on a looks scale makes that impossible…Especially when snatchers are out to find and sell the most aesthetically pleasing, most vulnerable youths they can ... [Read More...]

Free: The Institution

For Sage, fitting in with her new classmates is a matter of life or death. Dragged out of hiding after her parents’ murder, Sage is forced to enroll in the Institution to learn to be a model citizen of Eprah. But when every model citizen acts as judge and executioner, it’s far too easy to end up dead. *Completed series perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Cryptic Magic: The Hidden Prophecy (Book 1)

Anomalies are dangerous—Zaid is fully ready to eliminate Kinza if she’s a threat. Kinza won’t go down without a fight—and now she’s discovered she has magic. He’s out to stop her from becoming the prophecy that destroys his people. But her magic might be stronger than his…$1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Badfreaky the Cherry Snake and the Indecisive Dragon

After drinking the same magic potion which made her very bad, suddenly Badfreaky becomes very good. She begins a battle to achieve what she wants very most. The trials begin… A humongous monster eats her, a gigantic crab threatens her, huge pitch-black spiders want to cut her into pieces, disgusting cockroaches want to eat her alive, a ginormous snake, mad about cherries swallows her and bloodthirsty dragons want to burn her with the fire that comes out of their mouths! How will she and K... [Read More...]

StarLion: Thieves of the Red Night

StarLion follows a vigilante who goes undercover at a school for heroes to catch a supervillain among them. “A must-read for MCU and DC fans!” StarLion is a YA novel that combines the action of the MCU, mixed with Greek mythology, and a touch of YA drama for a superhero adventure for all YA readers. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]