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Well, the name of our site sums it up pretty well, but here’s a bit more information about us anyway. We know that it can be hard to find the perfect eReader due to biased reviews, paid reviewers, overly harsh critics, Amazon loyalists, and sneaky marketing tactics. Whether you’re thinking of purchasing an eReader for the first time or you want an updated version of your current tablet, were here for you. We give honest reviews and all the facts on the which features you need, so that you can choose the right device for you. We’re dedicated to keeping things simple and clear, just as reviews should always be.

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We accept guest blog posts about ereaders, tablets, gadgets, tech, mobile phones, the digital life, reading, writing, amazing books and more. If you have an article or blog post you’d like to submit, just send us an email at: booksliced [AT] gmail.com



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