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JustKindlebooks has promoted books since 2012 and has built a massive audience of Kindle book readers who love free and discounted books. It has a combined newsletter subscriber base of 45,500 people, and 76,000 Facebook followers, and 35,000+ combined website visitors.

Kindle Book Promotions

Ready to reach your target audience, gain sales, reviews and increase your fan base? You can find the perfect plan that works with your budget:

Premium Book Promotion Plus ($43) This promotion guarantees you the most exposure. Your book will be placed in top spots on all of our website homepages and in all 3 of our newsletters. You will also receive a custom post about your book on JustKindleBooks’ Facebook and Instagram pages, along with posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ pages. In addition, your book will be placed in JustKindleBooks’ Hot Books section for up to 3 days more time on our homepage, and you can request a Facebook boost to reach up to 20,000 new readers.

Premium Book Promotion ($36) This promotion is similar to the premium plus promotion above, but does not include the instagram post or the extra three days on our homepage.

Budget Book Promotion ($18) Your book will be featured on all of our website homepages and in 2 of our newsletters (JustKindleBooks and eReaderNation). Your book will also be featured on all of our Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ pages.

Follower Boost. If you’re planning on creating an Amazon Giveaway, this is the perfect low-cost choice to increase the number of readers who enter your contest and follow you on Amazon!


What genres does JustKindleBooks accept? Every genre is accepted! Whether you write sci-fi, self-help, or sweet romance novels, you can be promoted through JustKindleBooks.  Note: we can’t promote book’s with covers that are too graphic or risqué.

What do I need to submit a promotion request? All you need is your book’s 10-digit ASIN number and a PayPal account or credit card in order to fill out a quick 3-minute submission form. If your request is received by 5pm ET, your book promotion could even begin the next day!

What should I do during the book promotion? JustKindleBooks will take care of all the marketing and promoting, so you won’t have to lift a finger! However, to ensure that your promotion will be as successful as possible, you can do these things before the promotion begins:

          • Compare your book cover. Everyone is told to “not judge a book by its cover,” but people unfortunately do this all the time. If a reader can’t determine your book’s genre after seeing the cover, you could be missing out on several new fans and sales. Take a look at some best-selling books in your genre to determine if your cover might need a makeover.
          • Perfect your Amazon description. If your description on Amazon takes longer than 60 seconds to read, you should consider summarizing it more. The best descriptions on Amazon are brief, intriguing, and leave readers dying to know what happens in your novel. Try searching your own favorite authors on Amazon and gain some inspiration from their own descriptions!
          • Gain some reviews. If you’re a newly published author, you’re probably ready to market your book to anyone and everyone who will listen, but you should hold off on starting a promotion until your book has gained some organic reviews. During a promotion, curious potential readers will likely skim the reviews before buying, and a lack of reviews may discourage them. Wait until your book has gained about some reviews.

Running a book promotion is an important tool that authors can use to boost their sales, increase their audience, and gain crucial reviews on Amazon, but promoting your book on your own can be a challenge. Instead of going at it alone, get the most out of your promotion by marketing directly to thousands of bookworms through multiple social media sites, newsletters, and websites.