Free: Silver’s Gods: Tapestry Cycle (Book 1)

A Time Travel Bestseller! An immortal assassin whose missions are assigned by mysterious gods, Silver has honed her craft of killing for millennia. Her next mission: Silicon Valley. As a tech giant is about to reveal its crowning achievement — a friendly AI — the CEO is assassinated. But why? Silver learns the AI is far from friendly, rather a lethal technology called a Mind, putting mankind and the multiverse at risk. Can she annihilate the bloodthirsty Mind before it’s too late? ... [Read More...]

One Fine Mess

All Jules Nichols wants is a quiet family life, which she and her lover Wesley can have as soon as they off her abusive hubby, Eddie. But once he’s good and dead, mob guys and drug dealers are coming out of the woodwork, the staties are suspicious, Wesley’s panicking, and all Jules’s careful plans are going wrong. Who would have known it’d be so hard to get away with one little murder? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Billionaire Unwed – Zeke: The Billionaire’s Obsession

You met Lia and Zeke in Billionaire Unloved, Jett and Ruby’s book. Now you can find out what happened to them. Did Lia really end up marrying the wrong guy? Although this story is part of The Billionaire’s Obsession series, it can be easily be enjoyed as a standalone friends to lovers billionaire romance. Lia: I thought I had my life all worked out. My wedding had been meticulously planned. All I had to do was walk down the aisle and get married to the man I’d been engaged to ... [Read More...]

The Frightened Star (The Paranormal Adventures of West and Jones Book 1)

Olivia Randall, the hottest movie star of the moment, is haunted by a horrific creature that appears to her in disturbing dreams—that is, until the terrifying specter comes to life outside the realm of sleep, causing Olivia’s world to teeter on the brink. But just when things look their bleakest, Becker West and Gunther Jones come into her life. The former army soldiers and current spiritual warriors are entrusted by Kyrel, their angelic guide, with defending Olivia against Bal-Sharok—the... [Read More...]

On the Trail of Delusion – Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser

This compelling new book debunks the JFK Conspiracy theories! Finally, learn the truth as Litwin exposes Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney, who ‘solved’ the JFK assassination in 1967. Written with well-researched facts and filled with documentation, Litwin has gone from conspiracy theorist to debunker. Find out why. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]