Free: I’ve Never Seen A Sheep

A funny bedtime story for kids. If you’re like most people today, you know kids who don’t like to read, or feel discouraged by how challenging it can be. Maybe even your own kids. And who can blame them? Today’s world is full of stimulation, bright colors, TVs, computers, phones—and they all take up so much time in our lives that and as a result, our kids are reading less. But reading and interacting with the environment have been proven to have a powerful impact on children’s educati... [Read More...]

Free: How to Save the Dragon

Wrinkles is an adorable and well balanced elephant. Flappy is a cute and energetic dragon. They live in a wondrous world together, filled with mysteries. They are each special in their own way and they have super-powers that they can use whenever an emotional ‘alarm’ is triggered. Wrinkles and Flappy become separated, putting their mission in jeopardy. In this book, you will learn about the two secrets that bring them back together and help them to get back on track and accomplish their miss... [Read More...]

The Kidnapped Smile: Book II of The Artania Chronicles

Mona Lisa kidnapped? Her father, Leonardo, in tears? What will the Deliverers do? It has been a year since Alex and Bartholomew first ventured into the mystical Artania. Once again they are called upon to keep this art-created world safe. But peril waits at every turn. Traitorous Pirates. Fearful gods and goddesses. Monsters of the deep. A world’s safety lies in the hands three twelve-year-olds. Alex and Bartholomew, with their spunky sidekick Gwen, return to Artania to wrench the kidnapped M... [Read More...]

Tinsey Clover

The award-winning, best-selling coming-of-age tale about a spunky elf who must rely on her math skills, a pinch of odd magic, and some strange new friends as she works to break down borders and prejudices in her Icelandic Forest. Tinsey Clover is smart. She’s brave. Also, she can’t carry a tune to save her life. Oh yeah, plus she’s an elf the size of a chipmunk. When her bizarre magical power grows in and makes her feel like a total outsider in her own village, Tinsey sneaks i... [Read More...]

Dear Dr Cornflake

The inimitable Dr Cornflake replies to his crazy patients’ letters with words of rare wisdom. This unbelievably loony read is sure to make you laugh, cry, and have you reciting the doctor’s correspondence to your parents, who’ll have a desperate urge to use the book as toilet tissue. Protest, hide the book inside your pet caterpillar until your human rights are restored. Long live Dr Cornflake! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Ruby the Rainbow Witch: A Picture-Perfect Day

For kids ages 3-8 Ruby the Rainbow Witch along with her rainbow dress, picture-perfect hat, and swirly-whirly wand goes on a wonderful whirly walk and shows us how to make every day a picture-perfect rainbow day. With the perfect blend of sweetness and colorful illustrations, Ruby discovers just how fabulously fun it can be to make friendly friends wherever you go! Ruby the Rainbow Witch is the picture-perfect book for any rainbow lover. $1.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]