Dinosaur Dreams

Greyson loves dinosaurs. They’re his favorite thing on earth. Big or small, he loves playing with dinosaurs all day long. But now that it’s bedtime, does that mean that it’s the end of his dinosaur adventures? This bedtime story spotlights the power of imagination and looking at dreams as a child’s nighttime adventure. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Goldy the Puppy Goes to Puppy School

Bright sunny days, playing with friends at the park, tasty treats. These are some of every puppy’s favorite things. Armed with a treat bag and a bunch of new doggie friends to meet, brother and sister head to the park. This time they have brought Goldy and they are ready to get down to work. Could she be in for a big surprise? ... [Read More...]

Free: If Animals Could Pray…What Would They Say?

Free children’s ebook available! If you like the Jesus Story Bible, the Bible, and books about spirituality. This is a great imaginative book for children to create their own prayers and learn to communicate with their Creator. Help your children learn to become independent prayer warriors. ... [Read More...]

Sierra and Star

Sierra and Star is a beautifully illustrated children’s book for ages 6-8 years old. Sierra is a little girl who loves horses more than anything in the world. She spends time at her neighbors riding their pony Stormy in the woods. The day of her 8th birthday party she is surprised with the most amazing present. This book is available on Kindle, Amazon and will soon also be on Audible. $4.00 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: How to Sleep with Cowardly Sheep

? Counting Sheep To Go To Sleep? That night, the little monster couldn’t sleep, too many thoughts – took him with a sweep. The room was dark, he was all alone, it wasn’t much fun to be on his own. When he told his parents he couldn’t sleep, they suggested he tried counting some sheep. “Just try to relax and all you need to do, is simply count the sheep in front of you.” ... [Read More...]

Salty Strong

Salty is a divine Cajun boy created from the salt of the earth. While dwelling deep in the caverns of the ancient salt domes in the swamps of Louisiana, he enjoys cooking and caring for all his critters. But one day when burly salt miners arrive, Salty’s ordinary world suddenly changes forever. After the salt miners accidentally crush Salty into a witty, gritty pile of granules and hastily pour him into a saltshaker, his strong spirit is somehow spared. As he embarks on an adventurous and upl... [Read More...]