127 Math Riddles for Smart Kids

If you’ve always wanted a fun experience with maths riddles but end up confused or frustrated by cluttered riddle books with short explanations and complicated layouts, then keep reading. Are you annoyed by having to search for answers at the back of a book for every individual riddle? Are you puzzled by math’s riddles that give little to no explanations? If so, then this book is for you. You see, having fun and problem solving does not have to be confusing or difficult. Even if you... [Read More...]

Mister Moonfeld’s Lost Luck Box

What if a treasure chest held the greatest treasure of all your lost luck? Billy, a brilliant young engineer, believes his luck is trapped in a box at the bottom of the sea. Every time he takes his hands out of his pockets, disaster strikes, breaking everything around him. To reclaim his luck, he joins the magical Mister Moonfeld on a thrilling underwater adventure. As they dive deeper, Billy opens up about his misfortune, which began with a cruel joke from a bully at the school’s invento... [Read More...]

The Cat Who Chased Ghosts

In a quaint little town, a scruffy orange tabby named Whiskers holds a centuries-old secret: he descends from an ancient lineage of mythical felines known as Guardian Cats, sworn to protect humans from ghosts and evil spirits. When Catherine and Robert Thompson inherit a creaky old house from Robert’s great-aunt, they unwittingly become Whiskers’ new keepers along with Timmy, a spirited boy with a thirst for adventure. To Timmy’s dismay, his parents view the aging cat as unsui... [Read More...]

A Magical Wintertime On The Farm

Do you have a love for animals? Join John and his Uncle Jacob on a heartwarming journey to their family farm as they prepare for winter in this delightful tale of love, care, and caring for their animals. From feeding the animals to stacking hay in the barn, experience the joy of lending a helping hand and the warmth of familial bonds. As they gather around the fireplace for dinner and prayers, witness the magic of gratitude and connection that fills every corner of the farm. Each page enchants... [Read More...]

The Ultimate Would You Rather? Book for Kids

Do you want to get to know your children better and bond with them but don’t know where to start? Are they bored and running up the walls in need of a fun activity? Introducing “The Ultimate Would you Rather Book for Kids”, a book to spark joy, foster connection, and keep boredom at bay! This book is packed with hundreds of hilarious and thought-provoking “Would you rather?” questions designed specifically for kids. Perfect for road trips, waiting rooms, sleepovers... [Read More...]

Free: Mister Moonfeld’s Colors of Wonder

A timeless story for all ages… What if an elementary school principal had to return to the age of her students to regain her sense of wonder? Principal Grace Sensible wakes up to a world drained of its color. But when a sprinkle of magic from the mystical groundskeeper, Mister Moonfeld, transforms Grace back into a 10-year-old, she begins to see the world in a way she had long forgotten. Guided by Mister Moonfeld’s ageless puppy, Sunny, young Grace embarks on a quest to rediscover he... [Read More...]

Free: A Place Called Space

Hello kids, Our wonderful space is full of stars, like Neptune, Venus, and also Mars. Today we will fly up together, really high to learn about the solar system in the sky. Well need a spaceship to soar up high, so, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s all fly! Lets wear a helmet, were right on track, all we need to do is start counting back Four three two one Whoosh!!! Time for Space Fun! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Anna Finds a New Home

Poetry Rhyming Story + Question Game For Kids There was a woman whose name was Anna – Who lived all alone inside a banana, Her home was long and thin and tall – With not much room from wall to wall. It was crowded there and hard to rest – Just half a closet to help her get dressed. Her only belongings: a plant and a ball – No, there was no space inside there at all. It was time for Anna to find a whole new place – a home much wider with plenty more space. Free on K... [Read More...]