Free: Where Do Unicorns Go On Vacation?

Kid’s most beloved unicorns are ready for their own vacation. After having fun at birthday parties all around the world, the unicorns can’t wait to prance and play. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do? With carnivals, carousels, parades, and swimming all on their list, they’re excited to try everything out for themselves. And since unicorns can be hard to spot when they travel about, maybe keep a sharp eye out and see if we can catch the... [Read More...]

Xavier and the Bully

Xavier confronts in his new school the class bully and outsmarts him. When the roof of their old school fell in, Xavier and his friends are transferred to a newer school at the edge of the city. They wondered if a group of Spanish speaking kids from the farmlands of the west county would get along in the new place. See price on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Beautiful Place

A fun holiday for four friends takes them to an area that has not been looked after for a very long time, turning their fun holiday into a regenerative project. Alex, Rahi, Fina and Minh decide that they can play a part in looking after the land and caring for our environment. With some help from their neighbors and friends, they pick up rubbish, replant and promise to continue to help out mother nature. From psychologist and author Carly Dober and whimsical illustrator Shenay Henderson comes a... [Read More...]

Noah and Blue: A Lesson on Friendship

Like so many other parents, we want to raise healthy, compassionate, emotionally, and intellectually well rounded little humans. Noah and Blue: Big Lessons for Little Hearts was born out of the desire to create fun stories with digestible moral lessons for young children. Noah and Blue: A Lesson on Friendship is book one from our series Big Lessons for Little Hearts. It’s Noah’s second birthday, and he receives an unforgettable surprise! Celebrate with Noah as he learns the value of... [Read More...]

Free: Super Dog Zam: A Helping Pal for Grieving Children (Ages 6-9)

This book is a beautiful and moving allegory of loss and coping, and is particularly poignant for children who may be dealing with death and grief for the first time. This version of Super Dog Zam targets the 6-9 year age group to aid in your family’s grief journey. In this edition, we aim to provide an introduction to the concepts of death and grief in a relatable, uplifting story, followed by a workbook including age-appropriate questions to guide children through their own thoughts and fee... [Read More...]

Free: Charming and the Muddle Monster

A charming little cottage. An energetic, happy, and loving young family. Out of the blue, the Muddle Monster enters their lives. He is a mischievous little monster. What does he plan? What will he do? Will the little cottage and the family be okay? Read now to find out! Please post a comment after reading. Thank you! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]