Power The Super Dog

Power The Super Dog is a fun and exciting hip-hop rhyming book created to help you bond with your child! While helping them love and accept people of all walks of life. Little Bella is visually imparied. She has to see with her heart ! God loves her so much that he sent her a Dog named Power who helps transform her life and make her heart smile. But that’s not it! Power the Super Dog is a hip-hop dog who can rap! So jump in! Rap the book with your child! Kids love music & words that r... [Read More...]

Free: Alessia in Atlantis: The Forbidden Vial

“A book you won’t want to put down.” – Readers’ Favorite When twelve-year-old Alessia is thrust into the magical world of Atlantis, she’s determined to unravel the mystery of how her father disappeared. She’ll have to overcome mythical sea creatures, a tyrannical emperor & betrayal to discover the truth, before old family enemies catch her…... [Read More...]

Free: Where Do Unicorns Go on Vacation

The busy birthday party season is over, and now these unicorns want a break. Will they go to a carnival, the wild west, or participate in a fun parade? Kid’s most beloved unicorns are ready for their own vacation. After having fun at birthday parties all around the world, the unicorns can’t wait to prance and play. But with the whole planet at their fingertips, where will they go and what will they do? ... [Read More...]

Blossom Flower and the Enchanted Garden

Ages: 2-12 Grades 1st – 4th – (Reading Assessment free for Educators) For all the plants and flowers who live in the Enchanted Garden, every day is full of beauty and wonder. Growing up in this magical garden, young Blossom Flower never has time to get bored! When a hole appears in the ground one day, the residents of the Enchanted Garden are all curious to see who or what it will bring. New varieties of flowers begin to grow, allowing Blossom to see that differences can be a good a... [Read More...]

A Byte-Size Friend (Hackers #1)

Chris Alten was a 13-year-old star athlete until an accident kills his father and leaves him confined to a wheelchair. His world has suddenly shrunk in size until he meets a mysterious new friend in a virtual-reality game. He is surprised to find his friend is a program his father created before he was killed in the same accident that injured Chris. However, the program has become something more, and it needs Chris’s help in order to survive. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Incredible Adventures of Kinslee and Kallie: How to Build a Snowman

Sisters, Kinslee and Kallie, must work together to build a snowman! Will they be able to unite as one to create a snowman they’ll remember forever? The Incredible Adventures of Kinslee and Kallie: How To Build A Snowman is an adventure that follows two sisters as they work together to build a snowman. Kinslee is a caring, responsible, and imaginative four-year-old, while Kallie is a charming, loyal, and courageous two-year-old. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Ruby the Rainbow Witch Series

Her world is full of scrumptious sweets. Can she make it even yummier by meeting new pals? Young witch Ruby loves making new friends. So she goes out for a walk in her candy-filled neighborhood. And when she meets Fudge, the friendly frog who gives her a compliment, she happily uses her swirly-whirly wand to make his day! Wearing her favorite colorful dress and hat, Ruby can’t wait for who she’ll see next. And if they turn out to be nice… well, then she’ll wave her wand some more! Will ... [Read More...]

Free: Escape to Fairy Kingdom

ESCAPE TO FAIRY KINGDOM is a children’s picture book addressing love between sisters, that will take children on a year long magical adventure, encouraging wild creative imaginations time and time again. The story teaches children about empathy and the importance of love and humanity over material things. The story is captivating and relatable which is why it will delight little girls and boys of all ages and the ultimate message of love and family will stay close to their hearts for years to... [Read More...]