Free: How To Borrow eBooks From a Public Library on Kindle

Learn How to get Free Library Ebooks & Audio Books On Your Kindle with this Step-by-step Guide with screenshots reveals how to download Public library books & Audiobooks to your Kindle or phone without you spending a penny. Access digital versions of books from some of the best-stocked Libraries on The USA and borrow them for free anytime you like on your Kindle device. ... [Read More...]

Free: At Home: A Resource Guide for Parents Affected by School Closings

With schools temporarily closed across the nation, parents are now finding themselves responsible for 24×7 childcare that includes education, super vigilant hygiene, meals, education, and entertainment, as well as caring for our children’s social, physical, and emotional wellbeing. Many of us have to do all this while still doing our own jobs – from home! Could you use some help? At Home – A Resource Guide for Parents Affected by School Closings will give you tips for: • Establ... [Read More...]

Close Your Eyes Baby

Are you living with painful memories so much that your current life feels small and cluttered? You aimlessly walk around looking for answers and clarity, but nothing comes to mind. Your emotional weight holds you down and it is front and center. It directs every thought and movement throughout your day. You’re conflicted with letting it go or holding on. The fear of letting it go scares you to death and if you do let it go, are you convincing yourself it didn’t happen? You can’t chang... [Read More...]

Cutting Hunger One Coupon At A Time

I’m Tina M. Klein, single mom of three beautiful girls that have grown up on me. After my divorce, I struggled financially like a lot of single moms sometimes having to rely on help from others to keep all the bills paid and keep food on the table. In 2008 I found the power of couponing which not only allowed me to save money for my own family but to give back to my community also. I started looking for ways to inspire others to give back to their communities also. Many of you know me as ... [Read More...]

Free: Homeless In My Own Backyard: Living Beneath My Privilege as a Child of God

This book is written to all of those that may have made a mistake or 200 in their life. Those of us that have been lured away by the grass that appeared to have been greener on the other side than where you were, only to find out that not only was it not greener, it was actually Astro-Turf (Not Real). Just like the story of the prodigal son who began to look for love in all the wrong places only to find himself hungry, hurting and homeless. To really grasp the power of this book you must unders... [Read More...]

Free: Flying High Through the Course of Life – The Challenge: Thinking Your Way to Self-Realization

This book offers you a chance to soar, presenting 200 practical suggestions and guidance to a life of self-fulfillment. It may enable you to conduct yourselves in the face of the challenges life presents in the modern world in matters of parenthood, education, gender and more. ... [Read More...]

Free: Simple Taking and Giving Tales: Short Stories

A look at human behavior: I wrote my stories because I have no one to tell them and I cannot keep my thoughts or emotions pent up. These stories may be of interest, or even help change reality. My stories are just parables, and the metaphor is used to understand the mechanisms of human behavior. ... [Read More...]

Free: Your Beauty Advocate: A No-Nonsense Guide to Age-Defying Skincare Products and Procedures

Beauty industry overwhelm is REAL. And as time marches on, many of us wonder what the options are available to achieve a more timeless and vibrant look to our skin. In a seemingly endless world of “miracle” creams and ever trendy aesthetic procedures, you may find yourself asking “what really works and what doesn’t?”.This is where Christy Hall, PA-C, MPAS and leading expert in skincare and aesthetic medicine steps in as your beauty advocate. Through empowering you to write your own st... [Read More...]

Free: Ignite!: 5 Proven Strategies To Sparking Your Successful, Scalable and Sustainable Business

In this book, you will discover how to create a successful and scalable business that will dramatically change your business and your lifestyle. IGNITE is a must-have resource for all entrepreneurs and business owners, who are looking to increase their income, as well as create the path to real financial and time freedom. IGNITE addresses many of the crucial issues affecting entrepreneurs and business owners, including, how to: Stop playing small or worse still crashing out of their business G... [Read More...]