How to Make People Like You: 19 Science-Based Methods to Increase Your Charisma, Spark Attraction, Win Friends, and Connect Effortlessly

Do you find it hard to connect with other people? Do your relationships feel stale and lack real, meaningful connections? Do you wish you were more confident, charismatic, and likable? How to Make People Like You: 19 Science-Based Methods to Increase Your Charisma, Spark Attraction, Win Friends, and Connect Effortlessly is a book with detailed insights on everything you need to know when it comes to going from a shy, anxious, and awkward individual and transforming yourself into someone who can... [Read More...]

Free: Strike 3: What To Do When The Game’s Over But Life Is Not

What do you do when everything you thought you were created for ends? The life you dreamed of and achieved is destroyed and gone, never to be lived again. Nobody prepares you for life when the sport, the job or the career ends. But what if that ending is the perfect the plan? What if it’s exactly the setup you need to pursue the greatest chapter of a life worth living for? Learn how I overcame the failure, the shame and pain in order to reinvent my life after the game ended. It’s ti... [Read More...]

Plot Your Way to Publication: From Idea to Outline

Have a Great Idea for a Novel, but Don’t Know How or Where to Begin? PLOT YOUR WAY to PUBLICATION will guide you. Have you already begun your novel, but have hit a wall with no idea what to write next? PLOT YOUR WAY TO PUBLICATION will show you the way. A simple, step-by-step method for building a successful storyline/outline and story arc from your basic idea. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

How2Thrive in Personal Finance

I will not tell you how to spend your money and what to spend it on. How much you spend on any particular item-that is your call. In this book I will help you zero in on your credit payments. Paying interest on credit cards without paying on the principle is a cycle that will never end. You will be paying the company for about 35 years if you just pay the minimum payments. This is why I always say the banks are stealing your retirement money. That is money that could be going into your retireme... [Read More...]

This’ll Be On The Exam

This guide is the solution to any struggles you have with math and science. It provides simple, but effective techniques to learn the STEM subjects, while minimizing the frustrations that come with it. These techniques will help you memorize endless amounts of info so that you won’t forget crucial tidbits during an exam, ensure that you’ll never forget that said info, absorb the topics in textbooks, and provide a step by step plan to solve the problems at the back of the chapters. Use these... [Read More...]

Free: Her Ultimate Pleasure: The Science and Art to Her Ultimate Orgasms

Men, do you want to be the lover that gives your woman her ultimate pleasure? Women, do you want to enjoy easier, stronger, and multiple orgasms while experiencing a deep connection with your lover? If the answer is YES, then keep on reading. This book provides scientific research that shows women have stronger and more orgasms from anal sex. The content demonstrates a proven, pleasurable, and caring method to arouse a woman’s body and mind so she can experience her ultimate orgasms, whic... [Read More...]

Free: Just Eat The Worm: Six Great Strategies That Will Help You Earn More And Never Waste A Crisis

In times of obscurity, due to the global epidemic, inspiration becomes the mind’s well-being. Hope is required to keep moving towards progress. Who we need to become must occur before we become to outlast any crisis. Every crisis will pass because it’s temporary and seasonal. Just Eat The Worm is not just a book of hope and inspiration but wisdom and an antidote to excel in any adversity. A gem can’t be refined without friction, nor a man perfected without trouble. This book c... [Read More...]

Free: For Those Who Stay: Helping Women Walk Away From Fear, Failed Relationships, and Dysfunctions

This book is a mother/daughter generational trauma journey through sexual abuse, revelations, loss & moving forward. First unable to recognize the abuse, secondly the inability to seek help and weigh options. Lastly through legal and therapeutic help developing the strength to exit safely without dispute and drama. ... [Read More...]

Empower Your Thoughts: Control Worry and Anxiety, Develop a Positive Mental Attitude, and Master Your Mindset

Personal development leader and success strategist Scott Allan will show you how to take control of your thoughts and build greater confidence in your decisions. Empower Your Thoughts provides you with a practical, easy-to-implement system to convert mental chatter into productive and creative thinking. In Empower Your Thoughts, You’ll discover how to… +Take control of your negative internal dialogue to create a peaceful mind free of clutter. +Implement key strategies for developing a p... [Read More...]

Prepare Now for a Challenging Job Market in the Future

There are many labor market forces indicating that the lack of full time, secure jobs will be common in the future. This book discusses such labor market forces and teaches strategies for surviving and thriving in such a job market. Readers who prepare now will develop more of these skills than will those who procrastinate. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]