Running Back in Time: Discovering the Formula to Beat the Aging Process and Get Younger

Dr. Zeev Gilkis is a cancer survivor who began running in his sixties. He decided to give himself an unusual present for his 70th birthday – running a Marathon! Join Zeev in this adventure & discover that age doesn’t matter & you too can achieve anything you dream of. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lamlash Street: A Portrait of 1960’s Post-War London Through One Family’s Story

Explore South East London in 1963; a world of nostalgia that sadly cannot be visited anymore. On Lamlash Street, Cockney families have more character than money, living among the bombed out and condemned buildings. Post WWII London will change swiftly into the era of The Beatles, Twiggy, and modern space-age, swinging London. Experience the lively true story of a girl on her way to womanhood, coming of age at a moment in London’s untold history unlike any other. Jill Phillips tries to sec... [Read More...]

Sink or Swimwear: My Crazy Days as an Entrepreneur Surviving Life, PTSD, and a Cutthroat Industry

Constantly battling life-altering trauma, PTSD, a traumatic brain injury, and the cutthroat fashion industry, Just Bones Boardwear founder Jennifer Berk Weisman refused to let the accident define her and steal her identity. She had to do more than reinvent the boardshort. She had to reinvent herself. The powerful true story of recovery, hope, and resilience that will inspire you to channel your own inner strength to overcome trauma or chase your entrepreneur dreams. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Where is Ser

A powerful story as seen through the eyes of an American veteran who in 2016 during the bloody civil war with ISIS flew alone to Iraq. There, he was able to join the Kurdish militia, YPG as a combat medic sneaking into Rojava, Syria. These pages are his personal story and they take you to the front lines of battle in a way that will make you smell the dirt. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Junkies, Hookers, Dykes… and Others I Have Known

“It was 1961. John Fitzgerald Kennedy had just been elected President. The Freedom Riders were working to integrate bus stations in the South. Vietnam was a long way from the horror it would become, and I ran off with my daughter’s eighteen-year-old babysitter.” Actress, switchboard operator, model, encyclopedia salesgirl, wife, mother. Patricia Herd’s life in 1960s California was unusual, but she was a “good girl” with dreams of stardom. Married to a struggling actor an... [Read More...]

Free: Playhouses

Three cousins fiercely defended their roles within the sanctity of their playhouses. But a six-year stint in a fundamentalist religious organization thwarted Scott’s developing understanding of sexual orientation. Homosexuality was an insidious, infective spirit that conferred fear upon her adolescent naivete, eventually eroding the relationship with her cousins. “Reconciling who we were took years, but survival led to relational ties without fear and a heart for activism in the fac... [Read More...]

The Complete Jane Digby’s Diary

“As the depth of truth of one’s life can only be penned upon the pages of a diary, Jane Digby leads us through her passionate life . . . A wonderful piece of historical fiction that will delight your senses as well as your heart.” – Peggy Lee Sprague, Author of The Truth Hunters series Based on a true story . . . Bright, beautiful, and bold, Jane Digby led a remarkable life. Born to privilege in 1807 at Dorset, England, she soon scandalized Europe with her reckless pursu... [Read More...]

Another Fuggin’ War Story

This story is written by a lifelong pothead. Me. Most of it is probably true, if not a little exaggerated. So, if there’s any question on the veracity of my tale, I’ll refer to you elsewhere because only those who were there know the truth. What I can tell you is how overwhelming it is to have someone’s life in my hands while secretly wondering what the hell to do next. But here I am, everyone looking for me to save them. No matter, I’ll keep my guys alive if it’s ... [Read More...]

Free: The Savage Path: A Memoir of Modern Masculinity

Do you believe society needs genuine, healthy masculinity? Masculinity, in any form, has been viciously attacked for decades with serious unintended consequences. We need boys to grow into responsible, productive men and fathers. We need their strength to face down evil, and they need a guide to help them navigate this new wilderness, to find and define their masculinity in the gender-confused world of today. This memoir is filled with modern male friendships, advice, career tips for Christian ... [Read More...]