Blood Hunter: The Petra Graves Chronicles Book 1

A werewolf, a leprechaun, and a teenage tech genius walk into a bar… Sounds like a joke, right? Well, for Petra Graves, supernatural assassin, self-professed loner, and deadly sorcerer, that joke has just become a reality. When Graves is sent to a ruined castle in Poland to hunt down a rogue bloodmancer, she suddenly finds herself facing off against an enemy she cant defeat. Her only option? To release the wild magic within and hope it doesn’t obliterate everything in its path, incl... [Read More...]

Merlin’s Mantle

The veil is thin, the darkness bleeds. And we’re the only ones between it and our city. My wife, Emilie, and I are more than detectives. Were more than druids. We’re the last wall against the rising tide of chaos. Magic, once accessible only to a few, now bleeds like a gushing wound, spewing creatures of myth and nightmare into our world. These monsters aren’t here to play. They leave a trail of bodies, hunting for one specific target: the boy living under our roof – Mer... [Read More...]

Free: The Tools of the Ghost

To track down a demon, FBI agent Kiran Patel must summon history’s most terrible monster to be her new partner AND make sure he doesn’t kill her before they succeed. She’s going to need all his muscle and all her brains to take on the demons, the cultists, and the dragon in their way. PRAISE FOR TOOLS OF THE GHOST “With writing that grips you from the first page and keeps you at the edge of your seat, The Tools of the Ghost is a thrilling and utterly original fantasy. Yo... [Read More...]

Worlds of Eternity

Where magic is known among the universe. Few individuals can harness the aether that lies dormant within them, known as invoking. Michael Weller, an Earthling, finds he is an invoker and that there is an organization of magic users from across countless worlds. Pursued by a technologically-advanced race, Michael and his new allies must use their wits & powers if they are to survive. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Death’s Knight

The necromantic magic of the Great Lich has held sway over the world for 100 years. Can a young Knight of the God of Death and the last Priestess of the Goddess of Life destroy him before their homeland falls? The only survivor of his convoy, Journeyman Knight Darian is entrusted with an ancient scroll and one mission: Return the scroll to the High Temple, no matter the cost. He never expected to stumble onto the last healer in the world. Now, he must take not only the scroll but the woman acro... [Read More...]

Free: Death’s Lady

A double-portal fantasy series that asks: When the epic fantasy is over, what then? A gifted psychiatrist, Daniel Dodson knows that he’s in a tough place personally following the death of his wife. Then a mysterious new patient offers a welcome professional distraction. The world of swords and magic that Tenai so vividly remembers obviously can’t be real; the deadly enmity and long war that left such deep emotional scars plainly symbolize something else. But perhaps Daniel can use ... [Read More...]

Beyond the Gloaming Pass

“Beyond the Gloaming Pass did not just keep me glued to my seat. It dominated my thoughts… Fantasy does not get much better than this!” ~Joseph Ogbonna, Readers’ Favorite Life in the gas-lit city of Tunswick has never been easy for best friends Rubriel and Molindra. An unlicensed mage, Molindra struggles to contain her innate magical abilities, while Rubriel bounces from one job to the next after industrialization left her skillset redundant. When a contract from a wealt... [Read More...]

The Boy With Strange Eyes

The Boy With Strange Eyes captures the exciting journey and adventures of a young orphan named Kuni. The youth is the son of a fisherman who dreams of someday becoming a warrior. Too small and too young to fish for a living, Kuni is on the verge of starvation. Desperate to save himself, Kuni sets sail alone in his grandfather’s boat across the hostile seas. Join Kuni on his quest to find a mysterious Eastern Island rumored to be inhabited by an elder race of men. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Cydarions

A group of dedicated warriors, called the Cydarions, fight for you and your way of life. Using their faith and the Calling to guide their way through a series of adventure to face off with the ultimate evil. Lucifers offspring wreak havoc on interplanetary worlds causing chaos and mayhem. Their unsuspecting citizens falling prey to evil ways and corruption. Bringing the downfall of society as they know it. From the safety of their hidden citadel on the remote planet of El Azar, our heroes step ... [Read More...]