Western Star: Moonshine Mayhem

Steampunk and secrecy are the special of the day with the second book in the Western Star series! A discovery of new geologic material in hidden caves is halted when thunderous explosions call the land’s integrity into question. These same explosions also halt the bootlegging activity of moonshiners who used the hills as a natural hideout from the law. Now with extra time on their hands, the moonshiners plot to steal wild new steampunk inventions for their own nefarious intentions. $0.99 on K... [Read More...]

Free: Western Star: Welcome to Two Moon

Citizens of Two Moon, Texas have seen it all. A town in the Old West, rich in both scientific discovery and natural (somewhat mysterious) resources, they are unfazed when a masked hero appears, brandishing wild steampunk inventions and dispensing vigilante justice to lawbreakers. Who is this dark figure? No one knows, as there is only a fiery star brand left behind. ... [Read More...]

Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water

In 1772, amidst the ancient ruins and standing stones of western Ireland, a young woman inherits an army, a fleet of ships, and special powers. To keep her magic, she journeys to the East Kingdom and meets her greatest challenge — a warrior prince whose love threatens to destroy them both. Together, they face ruthless enemies and royal intrigue, fighting for survival and a chance for enduring love. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Tender Touch

Three nightmarish years of marriage has shattered Brianna Wight’s sheltered world. Leading her husband to believe she’s been murdered, she flees to St. Louis…harboring terrible secrets that could be the death of her. The tragic loss of his Indian wife left Columbus Nigh a wanderer; necessity made him a wilderness guide. But now he finds himself drawn to the enigmatic woman who’s hired him to lead her westward. Her gentle strength stirs his lonely heart…her tender b... [Read More...]

Free: Close

A tale of family, betrayal and survival in post-war Glasgow. Jimmy Baxter made engines for British Bombers during WWII. When he strikes up a friendship with a German tobacconist, he is made aware of the horror of Allied bombing raids. This leaves Baxter very conflicted and he vows to make amends for his role in the war – setting in motion events that will reverberate for a lifetime. ... [Read More...]

Chance Reilly

Chance Reilly is the orphaned son of Irish immigrants. At age 28, Chance returns to his roots in Cimarron, New Mexico, seeking to begin a new life where he was forced to leave off as a child. All the possibilities are there for him: the old family ranch, gold in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and the daughter of his old neighbors who has grown to become a beautiful young woman. Can Chance deal with the unresolved issues from his past to claim a good life in the old West? His resourcefulness, s... [Read More...]

The Burden of Sweetberry

For twenty years, beautiful and vain Candida Armstrong has been in an adulterous relationship with the very married, Deacon Josiah Hess. Out of respect for the deacon, the community has turned a blind eye. Then a new man comes to town and Sweetberry is smitten. The affair progresses and Luther proposes marriage. Tragically, the unthinkable happens. Deacon Hess beats him to death on the church ground. Sweetberry is thrown into the abyss, and her journey to redemption is hindered by the ghost of ... [Read More...]

If My Heart Had Wings: A World War II Love Story

In 1943, 22-year-old Nina Raff gets the devastating news that her Army pilot husband has been killed in action. With her world upended, she quits her job, moves across the country and plunges into a powerless and abusive marriage to a man who forbids any mention of her first husband. The past stays buried for the next twenty years…until their teenage daughter finds a picture of her mother as a bride. Then a story of heartbreaking loss, family secrets, breaking free and the indelible bonds of ... [Read More...]