Sign of Nine Stripes

They say the third time’s lucky. And Angus believes his success lies in the colonies. With an offer of employment, he sails the Atlantic for the third time. What could go wrong? But there’s an undercurrent of danger running through the colonies now. Smuggling, protests, and secret organizations are the norm. New taxes and restrictions are being imposed. And people are taking sides against each other. Angus doesn’t want to choose sides. But when a dead body is delivered to his ... [Read More...]

Free: Warriors of the Forgotten Way: The Samurai Cowboys – Book One

In the spring of 1870, Cade Wilson is one of three orphans of the American Civil War that meet a samurai warrior from Japan in the northern New Mexico Territory. This warrior trains these young men in the samurai way––in their weapons of war and the code they live by. As honor-bound servants to their Benefactor, these samurai cowboys combine their deadly new skills with the way of the West (the gun) to ruthlessly increase and defend their master’s landholdings. And taking control of the t... [Read More...]

Shattered Pieces Can Still Shine – Georgie’s story

Georgie, born to a single mother in post WW2, Cumberland, dreams throughout her childhood of becoming a dancer, but instead falls victim to sexual abuse by her stepfather, and then neglect and rejection by both her mother and her absent father. She runs away to London where she is able to kick start her dancing career. But things go badly wrong, and Georgie finds herself imprisoned into a life she did not choose, with little chance of escape. She had rarely prayed to God, but it seemed He was w... [Read More...]

The Theodora Duology: Fortune’s Child; Too Soon the Night (The Complete Story of Empress Theodora) (Box set)

Theodora, the most powerful woman of the Byzantine Era, navigates political and religious politics, wars, rebellions, and the first world pandemic, all in a male-dominated sixth century. The Evita of her day and someone you should know! Fortune’s Child: Winner of the Overall Chanticleer Int’l Grand Prize, Best Book. Too Soon the Night: Winner of an IPPI Gold Medal. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fortune’s Call

What begins as a high-spirited jaunt west to claim easy riches becomes a grim race for survival. Pegg is only 13 when he and his father set off for the gold fields of California. But by the standards of the 1840’s, he’s on the verge of manhood. Unfortunately, the third person in their party, Fred Hoyt, is a city slicker who is of little help on the trail. Worse, he proves to be unreliable, with a dangerous habit of making rash decisions. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Bregdan Chronicles

The Amazon best-selling Bregdan Chronicles bring the years during the Civil War and Reconstruction to life in a riveting fashion – using characters you will fall in love with and history that is meticulously researched. Romance. Danger. Challenges. Joys It’s all here, waiting to be discovered. Millions worldwide have already joined The Bregdan Chronicles Family – providing 11,200+ reviews on Amazon. Every new release has been a Best-Seller. Right now, there are 19 volumes in t... [Read More...]

Nina Winter and the Age of Darkness

The things that happen to us don’t define us. The way we react and what we believe does. Nina Winter and the Age of Darkness is a story about a peasant girl living during the Dark Ages in a tiny village tucked away in the Bavarian Forest. She’s the lowest of the low on society’s totem pole in one of the cruelest eras of human history. After losing her father two seasons ago in a random accident, things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, but then, a horrific creature comes out of t... [Read More...]

Free: The Brittle Saga Trilogy

The Titanic disaster triggers a bloody-feud between two families in early 20th century America. Magda Asparov, a young woman from Ukraine, is part of an arranged marriage, and due to travel to America to marry Matthew Turner, a shrewd and unscrupulous American businessman. In return for taking the Asparov’s daughter as his bride, Turner is hoping to get his hands on a parcel of land sitting on top of an untapped oilfield in the USA. But Magda’s journey to America is cut-short when t... [Read More...]

Half Notes From Berlin

Berlin, 1933. Hans believes he and his family are safe from persecution. Then, he discovers his family’s dirty secret: his maternal grandparents were Jews who converted to Christianity. Driven by the desire to understand who he is and whether his mother’s blood is tainted, Hans befriends Rebecca, the only Jewish girl he knows. Perhaps if Jewish blood isn’t evil, his mother will be ok. To be a Jew in Hitler’s Germany is dangerous. But to fall in love with one is unthinkab... [Read More...]