Free: Cover Me With My Izar : A Jewish Family Saga

Through a series of stories that span several generations, ‘Cover Me with My Izar’, brings to vivid life the modern history of Iraqi Jews. The stories are fascinating, humorous, filled with humanity, always captivating, and brimming with heart. Each story is told from the viewpoint of a different character across the generations. From the tales of the vibrant Jewish community in Baghdad, through the terrors of the Farhud Pogrom to the mass immigration into Israel, a rich story of struggle a... [Read More...]

City of Liars

When the Inquisition holds its first public execution in Barcelona, it draws a Catholic heiress and a Jewish navigator into a secret alliance to smuggle would-be targets to safety by sea. As the rescue mission unfolds, a forbidden love blooms between them. Will their heart-stopping escape plan outfox the vicious regime, or will it cost their lives? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Shimmering

Romance. Drama. Mystery. Beware The Shimmering, book one in Michael L. Clark’s gripping historical, time-traveling trilogy. Emily and Daniel Lane, a happily married couple, are attempting to live a simpler life and live it to the fullest on their small farm in rural middle Tennessee. The two become separated when Daniel, while on a trail ride, accidentally discovers The Shimmering, a gateway that sends him two hundred years back in time. Emily, with the help of her newfound friend, Tommy ... [Read More...]

Free: Fate’s Final Destiny

Fate’s Final Destiny is the epic story of two young children growing up on the Oklahoma Panhandle during the Great Depression. As they become childhood sweethearts and fall in love, tragic family and world events cause their separation. Forced to live parallel but separate lives, they learn to navigate and survive the difficult times ahead, never giving up hope that they may one day be reunited. 2022 Literary Titan Gold Book Award winner. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Stream to Follow

With a story that moves from post-war America back to the killing fields of Alsace and to England under the siege of German rockets, “A Stream to Follow” gives fresh vision for paths to healing. Plunging deep into the crucible of trauma, it’s an uplifting tale of valor, resilience, and the search for enduring love. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

West From Here

West From Here is a timeless story of courage, honor, and manifesting one’s destiny. Based on real history, this novel is historical fiction at its finest and most authentic. In West From Here, author Bill Brown explores a defining time in US history, exploring grand themes at a deeply personal level as Elias finds himself torn between his own white heritage and his newfound love and respect for the Creek people. Can he bridge the gulf between them? Elias James is looking to find his place in... [Read More...]

Fabyan Place: Surviving Nazi Captivity

The Color of War: racism and survival in Nazi captivity During WWII, Sonny and John, two mixed-race Allied soldiers have managed to keep their ethnicity hidden since they enlisted. One is captured by the Germans in Belgium, the other in Italy. If this secret is discovered during their imprisonment, the Nazis will execute them instantly. Having survived so far without being exposed, the two meet in a POW camp near the Russian Front. They’re about to be transferred to death camp Berga—a place... [Read More...]