Heimat is an epic story of emigrants leaving post-WWI Germany in 1929 for America, intending to return someday to Neisse, their Heimat, as successful American citizens. Before leaving Germany, one emigrant’s plan began unraveling in Berlin’s Bahnhof, where he saved the life of an American diplomat. His heroism created a friendship with the diplomat and the three other emigrants that sustained them through misconceptions of the American dream, the Great Depression, assimilation into American... [Read More...]

The Murder of Sarah Grosvenor

In a small 18th century American village, where the streams ran cool and clean, the soil was loamy, and the people prospered, repeated attempts to end the pregnancy of a prominent young woman resulted in her gruesome death. The Murder of Sarah Grosvenor is a compelling work of historical fiction which revisits those shocking days of deceit, betrayal, and malevolence during the “Age of Enlightenment,” and then further imagines what led to the multiple arrest warrants which were finally issue... [Read More...]

The Bridge to Freedom

  A lot can happen in ten days. For ten days, take a peek into the lives of Violet, a domestic worker and her husband Everett a Pullman porter as they face the challenges of the times. Take a peek as they navigate a world where they must balance the demands of those whose expectations of them are firmly grounded in entitlement and control. Despite those demands Violet and Everett live abundantly in a culture rich in folklore and tradition where they are well-loved and respected. Take a pee... [Read More...]

Free: Charani’s Gift

At the dawn of modern psychiatry, two doctors encounter an astonishing young woman who will change medical history in this powerful novel of a time when the self was still a mystery, and magic was real. Based on real events, Charani’s Gift is the story of one remarkable young woman’s inner strength, reimagining the western frontier as the borderland between science and magic. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Triumph and Treasure: A Scottish Regency (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot Series Book 1)

She was a means to an end…he wasn’t supposed to ever love her. He lived an idyllic life…One day, Flynn, Earl of Luxmoore, was a wealthy, carefree lord, courting the woman he intended to wed. And the next day, he’s stripped of all but his title and left with no means to care for his loved ones. When the person responsible for his ruination offers him a solution—marriage to an unwilling and resentful American beauty—he has no choice but to accept. Not if he wants to care for his ailin... [Read More...]

The Druid

The start of a thrilling historical adventure series, The Druid is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, and Griff Hosker. With his war-dogs by his side Bellicus of Dun Breatann must hunt down the men who abducted Princess Catia before their bloody plans can be completed… “Dark age adventure at its gripping best.” – MATTHEW HARFFY $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The White Cockade

The White Cockade is the story of the early days of the American Revolution and of the men and women caught up in it: Josiah, who doesn’t want war but can’t escape it. Hugo, once Josiah’s best friend but now his bitter enemy. Mercy, who dreams of marrying Josiah. Walter, eager to fight the British. Alice, whose desperate love for Josiah knows no limits. Tarleton, the roguish, womanizing British officer. Patrick, who can solve the most complex mathematical equations while living in his own... [Read More...]