What lengths will a prisoner of war go what sacred boundaries will he breach and what dangerous liaisons will he consummate for the chance to gain freedom? Conscripted into the British army at the dawn of World War Two, Lieutenant Gordon Clarke finds himself at a deadly moral crossroads inWar Bonds. His treacherous decisions could cost him a wife and child who await him in England indeed his very soul but may chart his only path to liberation. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: If Cotton Could Talk

This gripping journey of a young girl’s fight for freedom in the pre-Civil War South will leave you on the edge of your seat. Set in 1850, the novel tells the story of Bertha, a young girl taught to read despite being banned and punishable by whipping or even death. She uses her newfound skills to help her fellow enslaved people prepare for freedom. As the Civil War began, President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, declaring slaves were free, if they were in a rebellious Stat... [Read More...]

Ariadne’s Crown

Killing the Minotaur is only half the story As heir to the throne in ancient Crete, Ariadne feels like a poor substitute for her heroic brother. Shes wild, where he was brave. Impulsive, where he was noble. Restless, where he was steady. Things get complicated when a handsome, arrogant warrior arrives with the tribute from Athens and makes claims that threaten the shaky peace between their kingdoms. Ariadne’s torn. Theseus is the enemy, but she starts to think he might be right. When her ... [Read More...]

Free: Baron & Brannigan, Book 1, Song and Dance

Slip Back to the 1890s and join young and handsome Billy Brannigan and his younger pal, Danny Baron, as they set out to find fame, fortune and romance as entertainers. On the road to success, they travel from Doc Nobles medicine show to a minstrel show and finally to the gas-lit stages of old New York’s gaudy music halls and vaudeville theaters, but not without mishaps and mayhem along the way. You’ll experience the 1890s from a young mans point of view, but even diehard historic fi... [Read More...]

The Chaney Brothers: The Complete Western Adventure Series

New York Times Bestselling Author Robert Vaughan combines epic adventure and the search for truth and justice in an oftentimes lawless land, available for the first time in a complete and unabridged collection. Lance and Buck Chaney have been fighting on opposite sides of the war until they are brought together by a shipment of gold dust. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Betrayal on Beltane

Born into the warrior elite, Jannon showed great promise as a fighter. But that life was not for him. Despite his father’s intentions, he fostered with the Master Bronzesmith. When a dead man is found in the smithy, his father demands he return home. Can Jannon solve the murder and save his tribe? What happens when a warrior’s path collides with a craftsman’s heart? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Surviving Gen X

Dive into the kaleidoscopic streets of 1990s Las Vegas with Surviving GenX. Amidst the flickering neon lights and the haunting echoes of slot machines, we follow an unnamed protagonist and a battered housewife, both seeking an escape from their tormented pasts. As they wade through the city’s seedy underbelly, they find an unexpected refuge in one another a bond forged in the fires of a metropolis hell-bent on their ruin. A potent tapestry of humor, heartbreak, and raw human resilience, t... [Read More...]

Sky of Ashes, Land of Dreams

The enthralling story of three unforgettable young adults living on the cusp of great change in early 20th-century Mongolia. A captivating, beautiful saga from debut novelist Erin Jamies on about having dreams, finding love, and learning to survive in a harsh, ever-changing place. In the winter of 1917, Bolormaa is introduced to the man she is to marry on her eighteenth birthday, over mutton stew and steaming buuz. She has spent her entire life in the Gobi Desert, living a nomadic life with her... [Read More...]

Buckskin Chronicles: The Complete Western Series

BESTSELLING AUTHOR B.N. RUNDELL DRAWS YOU INTO THE HEART OF THE OLD WEST. Ride into a historical western landscape with an array of characters who must overcome unimaginable obstacles in order to prove they have what it takes to survive in the Old West and determine what fate lies before them. The journey begins when Jeremiah Thompsett comes of age and accepts the responsibility of fulfilling his mentor’s long-held dream. The young man was raised by an escaped slave amid the Arapaho natio... [Read More...]

The Committee Will Kill You Now: A Novel

The gripping new book from the author of The Algorithm Will See You Now. Based on the true-life rationing of kidney dialysis in 1960s America, a medical intern in 1992 Seattle tries to leave his painful past behind, only to uncover a shocking truth of thirty years prior and the lasting, generational harm of hidden secrets After a co-intern dies by suicide, a grieving Noah Meier commits an accidental error. In a desperate move to save his patient’s life, he covertly seeks help from audacio... [Read More...]