Free: The Hope We Vow (Vows for Life Book 3)

The final book in the best-selling Catholic women’s fiction series, Vows for Life! Musician Sadie Rosati has a secret she’s never shared with anyone she’s dated, but now that things are getting serious with her boyfriend, she knows she has to open up before they get engaged. When his reaction confirms her worst fears, she begins a quest to find out what God really wants for her life. Inspired by her niece with Down syndrome, Sadie returns to her once-abandoned Catholic faith to guide ... [Read More...]

A Distant Light

Late one night after an otherwise typical day at the office, Catherine O’Malley, a Boston advertising executive, is attacked on her way home. While enroute to the hospital, she has an out-of-body experience and hears her late mother say, “Not your time. Our choices define us. Fix what’s wrong. More to do.”When she returns to work and finds a junior associate occupying her office, Catherine turns her mother’s advice into action. She ditches the career that drove her... [Read More...]

Olive’s Diary: an unputdownable story about hope, loss and second chances

Olive is a middle-aged widow living in a small rural city of Canada. She is a lover of good books, cappuccinos and croissants. She knows what she is good at, and she stays in her box. Her life is small, safe, and after the death of her beloved husband one year ago…it’s enough to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. A year has passed since Robert’s death, and Olive has managed to reconstruct a life that looks, on the outside at least, completely, totally fine. She still lives ... [Read More...]

The House By The Ocean

Fresh start awaits her in Myrtle Beach… along with big family secrets. Heartbroken after the tragic loss of her husband and the sole inheritor of her late grandmother’s beach house, 45-year-old Leann abandons her life in Oregon and travels to the quiet, idyllic town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for a fresh start and a chance to heal. But when she arrives at her grandmother’s house, she makes a shocking discovery: she has a twin who she never knew existed. As she tries to heal from... [Read More...]