Free: Chaos In The Blink Of An Eye

As the football was kicked into the snow-filled sky, long-foretold Bible prophecy came to pass, causing many inside Michigan Stadium to vanish into thin air without a trace. It was just the beginning of things to come, as life as humanity had known it was forever changed in the blink of an eye…Free to $0.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]


This book is about “forgiveness”. It is filled with many occasions of forgiveness in the lives of notable biblical characters and even many who were quite unknown. There is a flow of forgiveness throughout the scriptures and it is truly the most important gift that we have ever received. It is the foundation of our relationship with God and the reason for the hope of eternal life. ... [Read More...]

A Witch’s Guide to Spellcraft

While there is more to witchcraft than casting spells, it’s hard to deny that spellcraft still plays a key part and is often how many of us start out in the magickal arts. But like most aspects of witchcraft, spellcraft is not easy. Lighting a thousand candles and reciting just as many beautifully rhyming words will not, in themselves, get the job done. It takes concerted and consistent effort to develop, hone, and maintain the skills and abilities that are necessary to make the magick go... [Read More...]

Free: Bible Answers Curious Children Need: God’s Truth is in Every Child’s Heart

Our Children Need Help Tragically, many “killjoy” religions intimidate children into abandoning their conscience and replacing it with religious rules. Morally intelligent children then become confused. These children need the information in this book so that they will know that their childhood joy is the pathfinder for what God wants them to do. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: God Is Not A God Of Religion

God is not a God of Religion is Gods word for this next decade. Having a relationship with everything and everyone else we have lost sight of our most important relationship which is with our creator. This book has been inspired by God to show that there is a distinct difference between religion and relationship. For far too long God has been defined synonymous with religion which has led people to a great deception. The reason being is that the false form of something can never give you the ta... [Read More...]

God’s letters: 132 Capital Letters Came During a Vision in 2001

In 2001 a man recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. The vision-text turned out to be God’s New Revelation. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Angelology: Understanding Angels

In Angelology, we will consider many questions about angels, including who they are, their creation, types of angels, specific angels, their ministry, their future, and much more. The study of angels is not just speculative; we can learn a great deal from them, as they are fellow servants and worshipers of God (Rev 22:9). Let’s study angelology together with the Bible Teacher’s Guide. $2.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Sura Flow: 3 Steps to Effortless Meditation & Unexpected Miracles

By surrendering, you can experience the magic of synchronicity and allow it to guide you on your own, unique life path. Sura Flow provides a clear perspective on how to develop your own practice so you can live your true self. It offers a contemporary approach to meditation so that you can experience greater healing, energy, and intuitive insight. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Wild Woman’s Book of Shadows: A Magical Guide of Rituals + Practices for Living an Enchanted Life

The magic of nature, the moon, and the seasons had a profound effect on Melissa Kim Corter growing up. Mystical experiences unfolded in the simplest of moments. Rocks and trees were animated with life; the moon listened to her stories while the Earth held her as she stumbled through life as an empath (feeling everything so deeply). As she began to morph and adapt to the adolescent changes of life, magical views were stripped away until only a fragment of her imagination. She was lost and flound... [Read More...]