Mercy & Eagleflight

Young Mercy Randolph suddenly finds herself alone and penniless. As she tries to preach to the uninterested townspeople, her spiritual foundations are tested by an unusual cowboy, Jerimiah Eagleflight. Challenged by their dialogue, Mercy must discover her true convictions, while Jerimiah deals with questions of belief he never considered. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Pelican Trees

When was the last time you went on a great and daring adventure? In this time of great uncertainty and social distancing, since you can’t embark on a great adventure in the real world, why not go on one by reading this book? The story it tells will greatly lift your spirits and bless your life immeasurably, making it the perfect summer read! Chock full of mystery, suspense and intrigue, The Pelican Trees allows each reader to do just that, each step carefully orchestrated by a loving gran... [Read More...]

The Book of Gretchen: An Abortion Story

In this modern-day Book of Job story, God and Satan quarrel in heaven over Gretchen, a faithful servant, who is on her way to college. God allows Satan to take away her scholarship and her family, which results in emotional devastation. Looking for an escape, she meets a man who becomes her boyfriend, gets pregnant, and through the misguided advice of a counselor, decides on abortion. The pain of abortion is then seen from every possible viewpoint, thus exposing, “My body, my choice” as a s... [Read More...]

The Honest Griever – Truths God Reveals on the Journey from Pain to Purpose

Do you long for a book that’s brutally honest about the hard work of grieving a deep loss? Do you want that same book to give you a reason to hope for a brighter tomorrow despite your heartache? The Honest Griever does exactly that. It chronicles the author’s journey after the death of her husband of 31 years. Through the heartbreak, she openly shares her struggles and her victories — and how God walked beside her, teaching her to stand on his unfailing promises. Here’s ... [Read More...]

Living From Eternity: Live Out Heaven’s Reality As You Walk The Earth

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential — to See, Experience, and Rule from the Heavenly Realms! You have been translated and are now a citizen of the Kingdom of Light. You are designed to live in close communion with Heaven, the way Jesus did. He saw and knew things no one else did, and He gave us that ability by the Holy Spirit. As a son of God, in Jesus, you have the same ability to live and walk in the Heavenly realms. By the Spirit, every believer has access to the hidden mysteries of God’s h... [Read More...]

Miserable Existence

In Miserable Existence Everett Cunningham fights for God and tries to prove God is benevolent but doesn’t hate him for being bisexual or gay. God and Satan fight a war over the souls of Everett and his friends: Axel is a star at school but not a star in Hollywood; Natalie is angelic until life causes her to break down; Lee wants to fall in love; and James is obsessed with being a good person. Please spend 100 pages with these characters. $3.00 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]