Manifesting Miracles and Money (Law of Attraction Book 1)

You probably already know that you are a creative soul put here on this planet for a reason. But are you applying the Law of Attraction every day? Do you find it easy and effortless to manifest your dreams, or does life seem too chaotic and stressful? In this book, you will learn exactly what has been holding you back. You will discover the thoughts and belief systems that keep you stuck. Manifesting Miracles and Money is your guide to creating a life full of abundance, joy, and fulfillment. $0... [Read More...]

Brothers of Belle Fourche: Books 1-3

Three brothers, broken by circumstance. Three women, trying to fulfill their dreams. Conrad is shamed by his inability to read. When a woman shows up on his doorstep who may give away his secret, he will be tested to the limits of both his honor and his heart. Arnold lost his first love young. A teacher arrives in Belle Fourche and is convinced he saved her life. Her hero worship forces him to examine what he holds dear. Can he remain true to the woman he lost, or could there really be another ... [Read More...]

Free: The Livingness: The Source of Being

Brian Williams, ex-psychologist, leap-frogs the philosophical, religious and intellectual debates to show clearly we are indeed a grand multi-levelled mystery. In simple language and the use of analogous true stories, films and poetry he reveals the Truth for anyone to see. It’s the street food of the soul. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Message: The 3 Wisdoms of an Old Shaman (Book 1 – The Human Spiritual Energy)

“The message” is a mix of mysticism, spirituality, wisdom, and self-awareness. A short story that teaches us a universal concept to feel free, listen to our hearts and help us to overcome fears. More importantly, this story will help us to believe in the magic of life – what Yani calls the “Great Spirit” – to follow our bliss. This book reveals the Wisdom #1 – The Energy. As you will see everything around us is only energy. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Jesus Promised Victory: Why Does It Seem so Elusive?

Jesus Promised Victory, discusses how cooperating with God is necessary for living the victorious life God has for us; how our definition of sin affects our ability to live a godly life; how believing lies about God keeps us from escaping our rebellious, sinful attitude, and how natural laws either help us escape or keep us trapped in sin’s slavery. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Extraordinary Hope

Hope can be elusive in the face of unbearable difficulties. Through the stories of others and the strength of God’s word, you can be empowered to not only face those difficulties but overcome them. Focusing on hope for 30 days through these amazing stories and inspiration will leave you filled with “Extraordinary Hope”. ... [Read More...]

Painting the Psalms

In Painting the Psalms, artist Cherie Burbach shares original, mixed-media paintings that contain a positive, faith-filled message. Each painting contains inspiration from the Psalms in some way, through the imagery, words, or emotion contained within the verses. Cherie uses a variety of mediums and techniques to create art that is filled with depth and whimsy. It is her hope that this book will inspire you to look at the Psalms in a new way so you can celebrate your faith and believe in the me... [Read More...]

The Biblical Clock: The Untold Secrets Linking the Universe and Humanity with God’s Plan

Science and religion have two seemingly opposing views of the universe’s biggest questions. But what if the real story told you they were both right? Vancouver, 2009. Physics engineer and CEO Daniel Friedmann loves solving problems. When the avid scientist dives deep into scripture, he’s faced with questions he feels compelled to answer: Is it possible to harmonize the scientific timeline for the development of the universe with the biblical timeline described in Genesis 1? How do the evolut... [Read More...]