Blind Date with my Billionaire Boss

Maya Anderson has underlying medical issues that make it necessary to obtain a job with better health benefits. When Easton Radcliffe offers her a job, she’s shocked to say the least. Little does she know, he’s the one man who will go to bat for her when it really counts. An enemy to lovers Christian romance. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

You’re Either Walking The Walk Or Just Running Your Mouth!

Reads Like A Modern-Day Teaching Of The Book Of James! You’re Either Walking delivers a singular blessing rarely found in similar books: a combination of material that is both scholarly and practical. Verse-by-Verse Treatment Engaging and Applicable Remarkably Practical and Theological Thoughtful Study Questions Throughout In You’re Either Walking, the author carefully and pastorally explains and applies each verse of what is arguably the most action-packed, imperative-filled letter of th... [Read More...]

On a Distant Sun

This enchanting novel tells the story of one boy’s inspiring quest of self-discovery. When a mysterious traveler leaves him a map to the location of an ancient mountain, Hugo Driscoll goes in search of the wise man that lives near its peak and who is said to hold the secret to a life of happiness. But what he discovers are unexpected treasures he could never have imagined. This simple tale draws on ancient and modern wisdom that is both poetic, practical and deeply thought-provoking; with a ... [Read More...]

Out of the Abundance of the Heart: The Root Centered Around Unaddressed Pain and Resentment Towards Her Father

Featured on America This Week with Rick Bratton, Christian book writer Canaa Lee invites you to consider the search for yourself is rarely devoid of adversity and darkness. This compilation of poetry and narrative prose is a candid depiction of how you can overcome those hurdles. There are numerous open letters to family and friends, and even letters of Christian forgiveness to those that deceived her, the root is centered around the unaddressed pain and resentment towards her father. $2.99 on ... [Read More...]

Free: Perception vs Truth: Spirituality In Simple Words

Do you want your life to change? The good news is that it all begins right in your mind. By opening your mind, you can change your life in 180 degrees, making the phrase “Everything is in your head” more important than ever before. The perception of reality steers our thoughts, feelings, the choices we make and the way we live our life. It is the underlying reason why our lives are the way they are. People who never examine their point of view of the world miss the chance to significantly c... [Read More...]

Free: Deluded Gods

Does God exist? What caused the Big Bang? What is our purpose in life? Does science free us from religion? Which ‘god’ is the real ‘God’? ‘Deluded gods’ is unique in the simple and concise manner it answers some of mankind’s’ age-old questions. From start to end, the book is an exciting journey of discovery which leads to bold and interesting conclusions. A simple and concise defense of the Christian Faith. ... [Read More...]