Free: His Many Demands

My Needs. My Demands. Your Pleasure. You’re Welcome. She had one year left of college when our parents got married. And thanks to being raised in poverty, she needed help with her expenses. My dad, being the benevolent billionaire, stepped up without question. But there was a catch. She had to intern at the firm for a year. With me. As her boss. Poor sweet little thing. She has no clue what she’s up against, but she’ll figure it out soon. I don’t play typical games, but the ones I d... [Read More...]

Marry Me, Jackson

When friendship turns flirty, can forever be on his mind? Almost thirty and single, Emily Sommers trades the big city for Sweetwater Creek, family and friends. An online nutritionist, she loves her historic apartment, but not the repair bills. Best friend Jackson Hart steps in her handyman. Seeing her best friend with the lovely Victoria Pomeroy makes Emily crazy so she turns to online dating. Jackson volunteers as her advisor and it’s all confusion and fun from there. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

In For a Spell

Maisie Armstrong wishes desperately to change her life, but when she suddenly finds herself in 1790 Scotland, lying about her identity, betrothed to a cursed laird and scrutinized by his dangerously sexy brother, she must do things she never wished for. To escape the ugly gossip about him, Thane McKendrick plans to leave Scotland forever, as soon as his brother is wed to the beautiful lass just arrived from the Americas. When Maisie’s secrets make him suspicious, he struggles to understand wh... [Read More...]

Only You

Forbidden fruit is often the sweetest, And this time, I just couldn’t lay off it. Jacob Wynn, thick thighs, all muscle, hard, chiseled abs. Also, the se$iest football players around and…my new client. We know we shouldn’t do it. We know that our relationship is strictly business, But we just can’t resist. I am supposed to be the doctor here, the healer. But it is his hands that are checking my body, His mouth that is caressing my curves and healing me, And his eyes flirting with mine…... [Read More...]

Tempt Me Forever

Angelo is filthy rich. Always suited. And stares at me with his piercing blue eyes all the damn time. He’s everything I need. And I want him in my bed. But he’s also taken. His girlfriend is a cheating piece of sh*t. Angelo deserves better. But I’m not the right woman for him. “A rock band drummer dating a billionaire!” That in itself sounds like a joke. And also like an unattainable fantasy. In this life, We’re not supposed to be together. But as luck would have it.. Our two worlds... [Read More...]

Love Us Both

Move on. Start over. Easy words for everyone else, but not me. My wife died on my operating table, and moving on just isn’t going to happen. Not until I decided to go back to the small town where I grew up. My boy and I needed different scenery to try to reboot life. And we did. Until one day, a beautiful woman walked into my office and everything changed. She was from one of the oldest families in Tennessee and needed my help. With the way she made me and my son feel, I was more than happy to... [Read More...]

The Dirty Bird Chronicles Box Set

All seven books together for the first time. Fall in love with seven regency heroines as they navigate the glittering ballrooms of London. Sassy, smart, and sexy, these steamy regency romances will be sure to keep you laughing and give you tons of hours of enjoyment. This box set includes the stories for Maddie, Cece, Elizabeth, Bex, Sophie, Margo, Eden, Eva, Hazel, Frances, Beatrix, Hetty, Lillian & Samantha. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Professor With Benefits

Trouble is the last thing Professor Kellan Montgomery is looking for, but when he meets a sultry senior with more sass than his red pen, trouble has never looked so good. Yet Sadie’s dark wit and mossy eyes are hiding more secrets than he knows, and only one of them is that she wants him, too. Can the young professor get to know his fiery new student without getting burned or will the sparks flying between them change their lives forever? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]