In a world where nine out of every ten females have been taken by a virus, the surviving females scramble to maintain their autonomy to evade the collectors who have been commissioned by the government to bring in survivors for internment in shelters, and to hide from those who are actively hunting them. Zinnia Zen is determined to keep her children alive in the aftermath of the breakdown of civilization. She was one of the lucky or unlucky ones to be immune to the virus, as was her only daught... [Read More...]

Free: Nikki’s Big Weekend

Sexy fun! Nikki decides to add adult videos of herself to her online business, and who better to help her with that than Mel and Mike? But when a Saturday video shoot at Nikki’s house gets interrupted by two cops, things do not look too promising. Will this be the end of Nikki’s online internet show, Nikki Does Toys? And what about the participants in the video shoot? Will they all end up in jail? Find out in this funny and raunchy sixth book in the ongoing series. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Enchanted by the Skogsrå: A Poetic Erotica Tale

In the Scandinavian forests of 1803, Magdalena’s heart longs for more passion and mystery than her loveless marriage offers.Ambushed by ruthless bandits, hope wanes until the Skogsr, a mystical forest spirit, appears. Enchanted by his allure, Magdalena embarks on a journey of passion and discovery, awakening desires she never knew existed. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Saved by Two

Jessica is on the run from an abusive ex. With her brother missing and no one else to turn to, she seeks refuge with Caleb and Noah, two men who her brother trusts implicitly. As she opens up to Caleb and Noah, she finds herself falling for both of them and works to heal from her traumatic past and overcome her fears. But with her dangerous ex still on the loose, Jessicas new-found happiness could be ripped away at any moment. 3Will Caleb and Noahs love be enough to protect her from the dangers... [Read More...]

Free: The FYEFOTS Vacation

Sexy Fun!! Sharks and a sinking boat are just a few of the problems Terry Jean Rollins, the Waikiki Hummer, encounters in this steamy deep-sea fishing adventure. Will she end up going down with the boat? Find out in this funny and extremely nasty 6th book in the ongoing series. As usual in this series, there’s lots of hanky-panky! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Pregnant for Best-Friend Biker Daddy

Laura took Ava’s invitation to her small-town. When she met the tall, muscular biker with tattoos, She had no idea it was gonna turn her life upside-down. He’s her dads age and her best friends dad. He’s off-limits. But the forbidden man cant resist her thick thighs and curves. And he never withdraws. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Beekeeper Blues: The Funny Honey Affair

Poor Al. He’s either the unluckiest, most accident-prone beekeeper on the planet, or someone is trying really hard to ruin his Waikiki vacation by killing him. And it’s beginning to look like the latter somebody wants him dead and wants it to look like an accident. Fortunately, Al has just become the latest project of oversexed, orally fixated Terry Jean Rollins the infamous Waikiki Hummer. And while she might not be able to protect him from harm, TJ can certainly make waiting to di... [Read More...]

Free: The Bluechub Report

This is NOT your typical romance. The dreamy Waikiki wedding of Lee Ann Elizabeth Bettwedder and Montrose William Bloujawb (Hey! It’s pronounced BLUE-CHUB!) is OFF, disappointing dozens of mainland guests. It’s mostly because of their names. And a nasty young woman named Terry Jean Rollins, the Waikiki Hummer. Looking for a quick, fun read that’s hot enough to melt your bikini bottoms? This is it. Lotsa laughs, lotsa heat, lotsa fun. And now it’s FREE! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]