His Hostage

Evelyn is trapped in an unhappy marriage with an impotent heir to a software fortune. One fateful night, she accidentally trades her prison for another when she catches an intruder in the act, and he takes her captive to make his getaway. Her kidnapper, Hal, was supposed to hold her hostage only until he was sure of his escape…but after things turn steamy between the kidnapper and his victim, will he ever want to release her? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Damaged Secret Enemy: A Billionaire Dad and A Single Mom Romance

Leila Sharp was stunning; I couldn’t argue that. She drew men to her like honey drew bears. I couldn’t deny she made me want her in my bed badly. She took everything from me, I will do everything to destroy her. How about seducing and humiliating her along with snatching away everything from her? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Bad Intentions: A Steamy Enemies to Lovers Office Romance

She’s out to ruin her new boss’s project. He wants his sexy employee to stay in her lane. When these two enemies square off, will passion rule the day? Playing it safe after a messy divorce, assisted-living HR director Nikki Brady focuses on raising her twin boys and caring for her grandmother. But when her friends dare her to buy a hot guy a drink, sparks fly… until she finds out he’s her new boss! Eager to gain his father’s approval and cut corporate costs, Cole Myler is determined ... [Read More...]

The Men About My Town

When his demons caught up with him, when his secret was to be uncovered, when his life wasn’t worth leaving, and his sin, his desires, and his will to fight clouded his mind, Thom, a 25-year-old gay Romanian flees his country. To pursue his dreams, he moves to London accompanied by his friend Carmen. Little did he know that the future wasn’t what he expected it to be. The men about my town is a book about sex, self-worth, love, growth, online dating, the life of an immigrant, the fight for ... [Read More...]

Free: Exposed Butt – The Naughty Neighbor Gets More than a Glimpse

Spit-roasted on my cottage sofa between my husband and the new neighbor. How did I get from roleplaying to flirting with another man? From being a faithful wife to thinking about sucking a stranger’s cock or even fucking him…all of this with my husband’s blessing? I’ve been gardening at our cottage for years, wearing only a light summer dress over my naked body. After all, the nearby house has been empty for so long, I’ve got accustomed to being alone here. A new flirty neighbor and a... [Read More...]

Free: Climactic Tides

For as long as she can remember, Celine has fantasized about lying naked underneath a sun-drenched sky as the salty air of the sea nips at her bare skin. Now, at the age of forty-five, Celine, and her husband Brett, are boarding the yacht, Euphoria, which is famous for its sexually permissive environment and anything-goes atmosphere. Celine and her husband are joined by two other couples equally excited to enjoy escapades of a sexual nature out in the open sea. Not to mention the hot, attractiv... [Read More...]

Anything She Wants: Beginnings

“Anything She Wants by MJ LeBlanc is one of those books that gets you hooked as you keep reading. If romance and sex are what you seek, then you are welcome to the genius mind of MJ LeBlanc.” “The book has given me an enchanting experience and the characters are of immense depth which stays in the heart.” Become rapt in a story that follows Elizabeth as she rises from the lowest point of her life with the help of a long-lost childhood friend, Carly. They rekindle a friendship that never... [Read More...]

Branded by the Blacksmith

Newly married to the marquess, Marina faces a cold marriage bed alone night after night. The arrival of a new blacksmith in town does more than tickle her fancy. Spurred on by the encouragement of Lady Barringer, Marina opens herself up to the possibility that the best man to clasp between her thighs is not the one she’s bound to. Little does she know that the chiseled blacksmith always leaves his mark on his work. $2.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]