The 2 Keys To Permanent Weight Loss: How to Change Your Overweight Nature Into a Permanent Weight Loss Nature

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Balance Exercises for Seniors: Prevent Falls, Improve Stability and Posture with Simple Home Workouts

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Free: Ending the Eczema Epidemic: Surprising Solutions to Transforming Your Skin from Within

The byproduct of years of practice in the medical field, Ending the Eczema Epidemic was written by Ana-Maria Temple, MD, and John Temple, MD, to expose the factors involved in treating eczema, allergies, and chronic diseases. Contrary to what one might expect, their solutions focus on gut healing through nutrition, removing environmental toxins, and restoring gut and skin microbiomes. In fact, their anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle recommendations would likely improve the lives of anyone wi... [Read More...]

Health to Vitality: Liberate Yourself from the Shackles of Traditional Health Care and Empower Yourself to Create a Life of Vitality & Fulfillment

Our current healthcare system is not designed to create vitality for us. The foundation and principles are focused on keeping us alive and making sure we survive. Although it has proven to be capable of keeping us alive, it does so at a high price, both financially and by creating dependency on it. The solutions offered by our current medical model are focused on symptoms and mostly result in surgeries, medications, or some type of never-ending therapy. Health to Vitality empowers you to take y... [Read More...]

Stop Stress Eating Now

Emotional eating taking over your life and ruining your self-esteem? Then keep reading to how you can Stop Stress Eating NOW! Do you struggle to lose weight or keep it off? Do you often reach for your favorite fatty comfort food whenever you feel happy or sad? Do you wish you could put an end to your stress eating habits for good? If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re in the right place! Most importantly, you’re not alone. Sought-after psychologist and bestselling author John Be... [Read More...]

Age Well and Feel Great: The Proven Path to Solving the Aging Puzzle and Going the Distance

You can make positive changes that will have a powerful and lasting impact on your health and well-being… What if you could see yourself in the future? Are you struggling with physical pain and emotional decline, robbing you of the opportunity to age well and enjoy life? If the answer is yes or even maybe, don’t despair, there is hope. You CAN age well and feel great for years to come. And it doesn’t matter how old you are now. Anyone can improve their health and impact how the second hal... [Read More...]

Intermittent Fasting for Women Over 60

Want Your Sixties to Be More Vibrant and Energy-filled? You’ve tried countless diets and know they don’t deliver lasting results. You know that a lifestyle change is needed, one that works for your body, schedule, and phase of life. INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR WOMEN OVER 60 is the simple solution. We can blame menopause, age, and a sedentary lifestyle for a lack of energy, brain fog, and weight gain, but it isn’t too late to reshape our bodies and minds to feel and look younger. I really str... [Read More...]

Free: The Real Pandemic: Mentally Thrive Through Psychological Warfare

There is no denying that the Corona Virus pandemic had a far-reaching effect on humanity. One could potentially argue that the death toll was the least of the problems. Between crushing the economy, closing small businesses, laying people off, quarantining, closing schools, and not being able to visit family, our lives were turned upside down overnight. Children were no longer able to see their friends and were forced to wear masks all the time. No matter what political side of the fence you ca... [Read More...]

Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline and Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners: How to Naturally Reduce Inflammation and Boost Immunity for Life-Long Health | Alkaline Plant-Based Recipes, 28-Day Detox Plan & More!

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