Free: The Awakening of Jim Bishop

As Jim begins to rebuild his life, a strange vagrant helps guide him to the five people involved in an accident, revealing the dangerous secrets and vulnerabilities threatening to destroy each one. Someone has a gun. Someone has been physically abused. A relationship desperately needs mending. Someone will die. Jim finds himself in situations with his new friends he never expected, giving him opportunities he never saw coming, providing new meaning in ways he never could have imagined. Free on ... [Read More...]

Free: Spitting Image

What if you had a twin – who was a better version of you? When Everett Reyes loses his adoptive mother – the only person who ever believed in him – his bullying stepbrothers find a way to keep Everett’s inheritance. They won’t even let him keep Mom’s cookware, though she’s the reason he became a chef.??All he has left is a failing cafe, a rattletrap car, and an ex-wife he can’t stop fighting with. Bereft of family, he hires a private investigator to track down his biological par... [Read More...]

Free: Finger of an Angel

After a romp in North London, 60-odd-year-old Lily drives off in her classic Mercedes and takes a wrong turn, experiencing a series of encounters with angels and demons and ghosts from the past… “Time-warping, mythological… introspective, bleak, and quite often beautiful… a real pleasure to read” Publishers Weekly’s BookLife Prize 2022 Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


In this debut novel set during pre-WWII and continuing through the post war economic expansion, Joseph and Harry are aided in their escape from Germany to the safety of the United States. With many adventures along the way, they find their path to a new life and have long careers in the brewing industry. Through their Life’s Journey they survive health issues, war, and mental anguish due to corporate culture and greed. Joseph and Harry remain true lifelong friends and are always there for eac... [Read More...]

Another Notch in the Beltway

Lenore Held has agreed to co-author a romance with author, MP Finnegan. As sparks begin to fly the world around them turns into utter chaos. Her son’s father reappears after almost 22-years. With a stalker, home invasion, & unhinged family members & Lenore’s life begins to resemble a book plot. But, the turmoil that surrounds them is real & deadly. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Seven Magnificent Mind-sets of Success: Adventures with the Magnificent Mind-set Man

The adventure story of a geologist, Roger Hunt, who bemoans and lives with the loss of his family, which resulted from a fatefully lengthy battle with his devils, and of a chance reunion with an old acquaintance and alter ego that eventually leads him back to the Alaskan wilderness, ten years ago during his excursion, is told in “The Seven Magnificent Mind-Sets of Success: Adventures With The Magnificent Mind-Man.” by Russ Hamblin. One of several things that makes this book valuable... [Read More...]

Nevaeh & Malik: For The Love Of Money An Urban Novella

Nevaeh Robinson is a young, ambitious real estate agent who enjoys chasing after a bag. She formed a drug empire off the backs of her father and business partner, Silas, within a few years after moving to Ohio. She was initially uninterested when she met Malik in the club, but his persistence piqued her curiosity. Malik William is a handsome christian man who invests all his time in dog fighting. Following a significant loss, he begins to live on the edge, becoming insensitive to the feelings o... [Read More...]