Gangsta Fever

Shantel’s hands clutch tight to her bible but her fiancé Logan’s hands stay close to his gun. She’s happy to leave the street life alone and relocate to Baltimore City but Logan sees the move as a golden opportunity to rebuild. Love and loyalty go hand and hand for this couple but will it eventually come at a price? Moving in silence has always been a way of life for North. His childhood pain made him cold-hearted towards love but still helped morph him into a calculated boss. He... [Read More...]

Free: The Disharmony of Silence

A truly emotional and heartfelt story, author Linda Rosen does an amazing job of delving into the theme of family, how we define it and how family secrets can change the dynamic of future generations as a whole. Two families who once considered themselves one take diverging paths, waiting to discover the truth of the bonds they never knew existed. ... [Read More...]

Free: Polk, Harper & Who

After ten years together, and in spite of some difficult times, Adam and Eva are still as in love as they were when they told each other every day that they loved each other every day more. But a police visit and then a dinner party invitation threatens to unravel all they hold dear. “beautifully encapsulates what love is” Kirkus Reviews. ... [Read More...]

.45 Caliber Series, Volume 2

PETER BRANDVOLD TAKES YOU ON A WILD RIDE IN VOLUME 2 OF THE .45 CALIBER SERIES – RAW AND GRITTY AS THE WEST ITSELF. Cuno Massey had always stayed on the good side of the law. But trouble had a way of dogging the young gunslinger’s heels. Now Cuno is back on the vengeance trail that takes more than a few bloody twists and turns until it ends in a smoky hail of flesh-tearing lead! Cuno’s got to do what it takes to defend himself – even if it means defying the law and becoming a wanted man... [Read More...]

Lily Fairchild

This historical fiction novel follows the life and travails of Lily Fairchild, a pioneer woman in 19-century Ontario, Canada. Lily’s life intersects and is influenced by historical events and personages. She is witness to the arrival of the railways, the discovery of oil, the founding of a nation, the Riel Rebellions, the Great War and the influenza pandemic of 1918. See price on Kindle. ... [Read More...]