When Goodbye Begins: Life Takes Over

In When Goodbye Begins: life takes over, author-filmmaker – Geeta Lal Sahai actively involved in mental health advocacy rips apart the stereotypical existence. These five stories are about mental health, innumerable lanes and layers of memories, childhood abuse, infidelity, betrayal, hopelessness, and hidden emotions. There is pathos, feelings, inner conflict and stoic acceptance. In the title story – When Goodbye Begins, a middle-aged woman, caught between her dreams and the present realit... [Read More...]

Get The Yak Out

Ben’s approach to basically everything in life is to choose the path of least resistance. Muddling through and staying under the radar while exerting the least amount of effort is how he rolls. On the one day when he really has to get home through, a complete London public transport standstill suddenly hampers his plans of smoothly getting across the city. Having to fend off what feels like pretty much everyone in the city – be them friend or foe, local or foreign, dead or undead – makes ... [Read More...]

Free: From da Big Island: New York defined her – Hawaii changed her

From da Big Island is a baby boomer coming of age, fish out of water, woman centric tale about Ruth, a famous New York syndicated television personality, who leaves the commotion of the Big Apple for the peace and tranquility of the Big Island of Hawaii. Ruth meets her neighbors, William, an at risk high school student who would rather surf than be in school, and a women everyone calls Auntie, who speaks sing-song Pidgin always taking care of her keiki’s. Is this the change she expected? Fre... [Read More...]

The Mass of Men

WINNER OF THE FLORIDA AUTHOR AND PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION SILVER MEDAL PRESIDENT’S AWARD IN GENRE FICTION AN IndieReader “BEST OF” BOOK! They huddle in a darkened doorway, swallowing their fear and awaiting the signal. The fire starts small, building rapidly as it draws breath, consuming everything in its path. Only then can they enter – on hands and knees – to battle the most elemental of forces. This is how firefighters are made. For the cadets of Class #64, their training ush... [Read More...]

The Tide Between Us

1821: Among the thousands of Irish deportees to the Caribbean British Colonies is a 10 year old Irish boy, Art O’Neill. As an Indentured Servant on a sugar plantation in Jamaica, Art gradually acclimatizes to the exotic country and the unfamiliar customs of the African slaves. When the new heirs to the plantation arrive from Ireland they resurrect the ghosts of brutal injustices against Art. He bides his time and hides his abhorrence from his new master by channelling his energy into his work... [Read More...]

Masters of Horror Essentials: Mary Shelley Frankstein

Frankenstein is a novel that is considered both one of the first science fiction novels and a timeless classic of the horror genre. It has terrified and entertained readers for decades. It is more than just a story about the creation of a monster. Mary Shelley gave readers not only a novel that has inspired great minds to create monsters of their own, but also opened up an endless debate regarding who the real monster is. Inspiring many different television series, films, adaptations, books, Ha... [Read More...]