Triangle of Hope

If one person can make a difference, just think what three can do. Inspirational journey of friendship and hope. Filled with grit and determination, three people with three different problems converge in a small Irish town to form a Triangle of Hope against all odds. Together they take a courageous stand that will forever change their world and that around them. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lincoln’s Lawman #1 Sixguns or Surrender

Once the vanguard of a new breed of marshals envisioned by the slain president, the formidable Nash Riker upholds his sworn duty on America’s newest battlefield, the lawless West.With McKenna, his deputy, confidant and best friend all rolled into the form of his twin sister, at his side, Riker endlessly patrols the western landscapes delivering justice and bringing hope. The siblings’ drive to deliver law and order is matched only by their embrace of sizzling encounters with the opposite se... [Read More...]

Whispers Among The Prairie

Journey through the prairie lands of The American West and join Black Kettle, the Great Southern Cheyenne leader who tries to save his people from destruction of their way of life. His adopted daughter, Morning Dove befriends Captain Clinton McKay of the US Calvary, changing both their lives in unexpected ways. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Unexpected Journeys of Lawrence Tyrone: A Novel

“A hard-drinking man. A dented Harley. A detour to an unexpected future.” Professor Lawrence Tyrone didn’t have a drinking problem or an obsession with his ex-wife until he discovered she was marrying his brother. When crashing the wedding with disastrous results leaves him divorced for a second time, unemployed and close to rock bottom, Tyrone moves to the country, buys a Harley and starts taking riding lessons from a secretive Polish expat. Isolated out in the country, far from his usua... [Read More...]

The Eclipse Dancer

When Andy turned thirteen, she found out that she was not completely human and she fell in love. Andy, the trailer trash daughter of an alcoholic, met a nature spirit and learned that she, too, was part of the magic of the forests and rivers, a member of the wild hare clan of fairies. She found, with her fairy relatives, the wonder and delight that had been missing from her home life. But the summer of magic ended, and Andy was left to grow up on her own. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Atlas of Men

Files from a secret research project show up on Dr. Robert Thames’s doorstep, forcing him to think about something he’s been avoiding – the degrading “study” at Danvers Academy, especially the naked photos of each student, including himself, taken at his prep school. He tracks down four close friends from school, and together they uncover the terrible truth of what was buried by the faculty, the school, and the boys themselves. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]