The Lion’s Den: A Novel (Sisyphus Book 2)

Father Daniel Patrick Murphy, in his sixties, must choose between staying a priest or embracing his love for Jonathan Slovanco, his partner of thirty years. Reconnecting with two former students, both young gay men facing their own struggles, he navigates themes of love, faith, and identity. This poignant story highlights the courage to live authentically and the enduring power of love amidst life’s profound challenges. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


The weekend before the biggest interview of his career, Rob’s girlfriend of 12 years Michelle decides she wants out, leaving Rob alone for the first time in his life. What follows is a series of mishaps and calamities that happens when you put your trust in strangers. Milestones is a gut-wrenching, heartwarmingly funny tale of being forced to start over, but having no idea how to. $3.78 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


We agree to disagree on how we got here in our own holy books, legends, and faiths. Each story changes, yet so much stays the same. We come from something, rise from somewhere. The one indisputable fact is that we are here, all of us. Consuming towards oblivion. We have used the waters we emerged from and the air we breathe as our slit trench. We teeter on the edge of destruction. This is not a myth, legend, or statement of faith. Now we cry, God save us. Listen. What do you hear? The SILENCE i... [Read More...]

Free: Big City Secrets

“A raw and visceral journey through the alleys and penthouses of America, Big City Secrets is a striking tale of pushing through pain to discover ones potential. From an abusive childhood and early abandonment issues to complexes around sex, intimacy, money, and success, this book and its sympathetic protagonist shy away from nothing, turning a spotlight on human nature through the smudged and fickle lens of Los Angeles. With gritty, unpolished dialogue that seems like its pulled right fr... [Read More...]

The Soul of Ruby Lord

A cursed lineage. A demonic siege. The inevitable embrace of death. Born to a bloodline that was cursed by Lucifer himself generations ago, Ruby is caught in a relentless battle to keep her daughters untouched by their familys dark legacy. No corner of her life is safe from the demonic forces that plague them. Caught in the malevolent schemes of a demon, Muth, Ruby and her daughters have their everyday existence turned into a fight for survival against hellish foes. Muth is hell-bent on draggin... [Read More...]

Stand in the Box

After the horrific car crash which killed their parents, twelve-year-old Kristin and nine-year-old Megan try to cope with a new world after their parents were suddenly ripped from their lives. A touching story of family tragedy and the efforts to show their resolve will keep you turning pages to the final outcome expect the unexpected. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pierre and the Rise of the Kitty Nation

Complete with prison escapes, Halloween shenanigans, family reunions, a race of magical birds, and other exciting adventures, our story follows the heartwarming exploits of a cat named Pierre, who aims to give voice to kitties everywhere through his newly created Kitty Nation. Go on an emotional journey thats sprinkled with humor, affection, risk, and rescue. Fall in love with a group of highly entertaining kitties who know the meaning of camaraderie and teamwork. Enjoy their budding relationsh... [Read More...]