Caused by Dray: Billionaire Dray Royce Series #9

The missing billionaire Royce Family patriarch; three female jail escapees. The tragedy for the world to see. The firings; the losses. The client; the new Black billionaire. The meeting; the unforgettable party. The mysterious new Royce gossip reporter; the connection to a crisis. A life-changing family event. Is Dray Royce the cause of all of it? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Blast from the Past

Imagine what it would be like to travel back in time and experience your teenage years all over again. Would your perceptions change? Would you be able to heal old wounds and let go of what you most regret; or would it all just be fun and games? Miles Goodwin is about to find out. In 1984, an unspeakable tragedy took the life of his best friend, Ash Earnhardt. Miles has spent his entire adult life blaming himself for what happened, never once considering he might be wrong. As the decades go by,... [Read More...]

Free: One Visit

In sleepy, rural North Wales, Frankie Gibbs, a recently laid off, aimless twenty-year-old on Universal Credit, wants nothing more than to keep his younger brother out of the care system. He single-handedly takes this upon himself while their alcoholic, cocaine-addict, single-parent father, Guy Gibbs, heaps misery on their lives through systematic abuse and his never-ending wild parties. After Guy is sent to prison, Frankie is coerced into opening his home to Justin, an acquaintance from his sch... [Read More...]

Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol: Another Untold Miracle of Charles Dickens’s Classic

Ebeneezer Scrooge isn’t the only one who is visited by Christmas Spirits. Tiny Tim, an endearing character in the classic tale by Dickens, is only 6 years old, but the intense pain from crippled legs and the bullying from other boys take him to his darkest hour. Then 3 Christmas Spirits appear as magical children to bring him a Christmas miracle. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Afro-Bougie Blues: A Collection of Short Fiction

“You will find yourself not wanting this book to end.” Twelve stories – original, engaging and occasionally edgy. Watch each character experience a moment of tragedy, a challenge, a trouble, that makes them pause and reevaluate life. Abortion, alcoholism, obesity, adultery, a parent dying. Some funny. Some warm-hearted. Some tragic. All memorable. The stories transcend race; the characters are African-American, but the situations are universal. Read Afro-Bougie Blues and come away tou... [Read More...]

Carrie: An American Classic

Carrie Larsen left a small town in Ohio a week after graduating college in 1963 to explore the counterculture in the Great American West. Four years later, tired, she came back to her parents’ house. Perhaps for a week? Perhaps for years? Carrie becomes the town Veterinarian on Main Street. She balances her enthusiasm for sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll with a search for social justice, compassion, and a love for playing J.S. Bach on her mother’s concert grand piano. She never stops searchi... [Read More...]

From the Ruins (Winds of Change Book 1)

Something beautiful from something broken. Who am I? What am I supposed to be doing now? What is God’s plan for my life? Since becoming a widow, these questions have plagued Sandra Tolbrook to the point where she feels completely lost without her soul mate. After an ankle injury forces her to sell the family home, her three children convince her to move into Summerset Resort, a retirement village for over-50’s. With a tennis court, swimming pool and cinema, the resort had sounded so perfect... [Read More...]

Blind Date with a Billionaire Professor

She put him firmly in the friend zone, but he wasn’t giving up that easily. Abby Summerhill had a type—the unattainable player. When a friend set her up with handsome science professor, Colin Fitzgerald, she couldn’t believe her luck. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and made her stomach flip in the most amazing way. But something happened during the date that made her write him off completely, putting him firmly in the friend zone. Colin might be handsome, smart, and extremely wealthy, b... [Read More...]