Free: UNSHAKABLE YOU: Healing Heart, Home, and Health for Exuberant Success

Start Your Journey to Sacred Bliss: Discover the Secrets to a Spiritual Awakening and Transform Your Life Are you tired of carrying the heavy burden of emotional wounds that weigh down your heart, suffocating your spirit and hindering your growth? Do you long for a peaceful sanctuary within your home – a sacred space where you can recharge your energy and find solace amidst the chaos of everyday life? Youre not alone. Its all too easy in this modern world to lose yourself in the outward t... [Read More...]

Free: The Slowest Animals on Earth

Many of the animals we are going to talk about are the slowest animals on earth. Many of the animals are threatened by climate change. We do need to help them. However, looking at each of the animals, they do have weaknesses, but they also have strengths too. Let us read and see the fascinating qualities these animals have. And do not forget that we are all unique, just like each one of these animals. The animals may be slow, but they have incredibly good strong qualities. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Product Pioneer: How to Find, Create & Sell Your First Winning Product

With 75+ product launches, sales surging from $30 million to $50 million during the course of writing this book, and a position in Inc. 500s “2017s Greatest and Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs,” Mason’s track record speaks for itself. His story is not just about success but resilience. From a troubled childhood to multimillion-dollar product launches, his journey is testament to the fact that with passion, a clear vision, continuous learning, and relentless action, anything is po... [Read More...]

Fractured Destiny (A Reclaimed Power Book 1)

True loves a cruel joke. As a descendant of Poseidon, my magical abilities are immense. At least they were until I fell in love and was tricked into having my powers stripped. Never again. Exiled with less than my full powers, now all I want is to reclaim whats mine and dish out some pain to those who took them from me. It wont be easy. And once I recover my powers, the Oracle foretells disaster. Worse, fate decrees that I must mate with four different fae. Among my exotic fated mates are a comm... [Read More...]


When the two sexy women and their husbands got together once again in Stacy’s home base in San Diego, the pretty blonde wife Tasmin’s itchy yearnings for more excitement in or out of the trappings of her marriage came up front and center when her gorgeous friend started being her usual typical provocative self. The past events of their previous single days together as two sexually hot women turned into the present-day question about what they were doing about having it and not being... [Read More...]

Come Full Circle

Come Full Circle is a visceral experience that will linger in your thoughts long after you’ve turned the last page! This fiction is a heart-wrenching military and psychological thriller with Christian undertones that navigates the treacherous landscape of the War in Ukraine while delving deep into a human psyche on a path to redemption. Written for mature audiences, this gripping narrative spares no detail in portraying the raw reality of the violence, abuse, and depravity of war. $0.99 o... [Read More...]

Emily and the Fake Reunion Charade

A Billionaires Ivy League college reunion and me giving in to be his fake date Welcome to my crazy life. Im Emily Davis, an interior design visionary in the making. When a surprising opportunity lands me in a high-stakes charade with the towns brooding billionaire, Alex Winters, I’m thrust into a world of pretense and privilege that I never could have imagined. Our charade begins as a means to an end, a performance designed to impress his Ivy League peers at his precious class reunion. As... [Read More...]

Hair of the Dog: Revenge of Deanie O’Banion

A roaring historical fantasy with seances and gangsters 1920s, Chicago, Gregory is an artistic soul whose life is music– playing sax and piano– or running fixed seances to amuse patrons. He’s never been involved with the illegal family business like his brother Harrison. But after a brush with death during a raid on his family’s speakeasy, the ghost of Gregorys gang leader cousin transforms him. Gregory is now a genuine medium and has one chance to travel back in time to... [Read More...]

The Bulletproof Mind: Sharpen Your Wits, Get Back On Your Feet, And Thrive In An Ever-Changing World

“Who says you need resilience or grit to get ahead of the curve? Everyone has the potential to do GREAT things. The problem is not everyone has the confidence to try. ONLY a rare few have the Mental Toughness to go after their dreams. THIS book is your invitation to join that exclusive group of people.” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]