When the two sexy women and their husbands got together once again in Stacy’s home base in San Diego, the pretty blonde wife Tasmin’s itchy yearnings for more excitement in or out of the trappings of her marriage came up front and center when her gorgeous friend started being her usual typical provocative self. The past events of their previous single days together as two sexually hot women turned into the present-day question about what they were doing about having it and not being able to use it like they had used to.

If the two of them still wanted to share and share alike, they were going to have to start swinging away like they had used to. If marriage was the trap for them now that they were caught up in, they were still always the bait that never failed to catch the interest of so many horny studs. Stacy had always been the instigator, and now Tasmin wanted to follow her into sexy trouble once again. Wanting more sexual excitement and getting what they really wanted was going to have to be just the start of wherever their urges took them again. $2.99 on Kindle.
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