Free: Lithium: Part 1

Lithium: Part 1

When Mia Bell’s childhood friend, Ozzie, asks her to join a band of professional artists in San Francisco, she seizes the chance to create a new life for herself. Captivated by the opportunity to live out from under the dark shadows of her bipolar disorder and painful past, Mia embraces all this adventure has to offer: an exciting new city full of potential, a chance to expand her artistic skills, and the attention of her handsome but prickly coworker, Jax.

There’s just one problem. Afraid of the stigma around mental illness, Mia is determined to keep her bipolar disorder and trauma under wraps from her coworkers and friends. But Jax is equally determined to discover Mia’s secrets, and his charm and the budding attraction between them make Mia want to truly open up to him for the first time in her life. Can she balance their developing relationship with her need to protect herself from further harm, or will her fear keep them apart forever? Courage and friendship give way for Mia and Jax in this breakthrough novel blending love and injury into beautiful possibilities. Free on Kindle.
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