Free: Of Sheaves and Stars

Of Sheaves and Stars

The call of God often breaks a man before it makes him.

At seventeen, Joseph hears the voice of El-Shaddai for himself in a dual dream of harvest and heavens. But the very visions that set him apart from his brothers also fuel their disdain into a raging hatred that threatens to destroy him.

Amid the ruins of his life in Egyptian slavery, the young dreamer’s strength is tested by daily darkness that obscures the stars he was promised. Nevertheless, Joseph is stunned to recognize the unfailing grip of the Most High God drawing him into a relationship as personal as it is powerful—a covenant of the heart that will change the nations of Egypt and Israel forever.

Join one of the most famous biblical heroes in the heart-wrenching middle of his story and witness how God’s presence carried him through, bearing faithful fruit that prepared him not only for more testing but for glory. Free on Kindle.
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