Free: Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls

Afghan's Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls

Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls is the continuing saga of the lady rebels from Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: First Chronicle, set against the stunning collapse of the Afghan Army in August, 2021.

Clayton Dorn, the CIA operative and male protagonist from First Chronicle again finds his efforts to save Afghanistan hamstrung by an administration that is at once selectively bombing the Taliban, attempting to negotiate a peace settlement with them and not so secretly backing its way out the door. When Clayton learns that Saarah Khalil, his love interest from First Chronicle, has been captured by a Taliban warlord, he and his fellow maverick CIA operatives team up with what’s left of the Lipstick Warriors and embark on a life and death mission to rescue her. Crisscrossing Afghanistan, from the high valleys of the Hindu Kush to the barren red desert plains of Herat and Kandahar, they are soon on the wrong side of everyone, from the president of the United States on down to their CIA chief, and have only one clue to guide them, what a young Taliban deserter has told Clayton of Saarah’s possible whereabouts.

If you enjoy sweeping adventures with rogue warriors and colorful characters, look no further than Afghan’s Lipstick Warriors: Darkness Falls, a tale of love, war and international intrigue that will keep you riveted until the very last page is turned.

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