Im called many things: owner of the MLBs Charleston Hurricanes, perpetual bachelor, and the biggest asshole this side of home plate.

Ive never had a problem with that.
Until now.
My infamous temper has landed me in serious trouble, and now Im at risk of losing the baseball team I love.
The answer to my salvation is a mandated life coach.
I have to complete three months of anger management sessions or I can kiss my ownership status goodbye.
Sounds easy. Follow the rules and do whatever the coach tells me.
The only problem?
My renowned life coach happens to be the irresistibly gorgeous woman I met and shared a world-shaking kiss with last night.
Alexandra is compassionate, smart, and has a blunt sense of honesty that keeps me on my toes.
Each session leaves me thirsting after her in the most addictive way.
But neither one of us believes in relationships.
We absolutely cant go there.
Until we do.
And its electric.
She makes me want things. Impossible things. Spend forever with me kind of things.
But love is a painful game I promised myself Id never play again, and when our difficult pasts threaten to break us, I realize its not just my team Im at risk of losingits her.
And Ill have to figure out how to fix what broke me in the first place if I have any chance of keeping them.
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