The Other Side of the Hayfields

The Other Side of the Hayfields

Young John Bailey struggles with taking over his father’s failing farm while neighboring plantation owners bask in prosperity. He seeks a better future but finds only a nation torn apart as the clouds of civil war rise on the horizon. Secretly befriending a slave girl and her brother, he grapples to understand the greed and prejudice among some of the ruling class, including his best friend and becomes entangled in the bitter dispute about slavery.

Then one brutal night, John is confronted by the horrors of slavery and must make a choice: Live with the moral consequences of standing silent in a world where the lines of right and wrong are becoming increasingly blurred, or choose the dangerous and deadly road to justice. Ill-prepared for the consequences, John flees with his escaped slave friends, navigates the treacherous waters of a divided society, and faces the loss of everything he holds dear – just steps ahead of pursuers whose success would cost them their freedom.

The Other Side of the Hayfields is a gripping historical novel that explores the moral dilemmas of a young man facing poverty, war, and social injustice in antebellum America.
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