The Forbearing Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose

The Forbearing Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose

They say blood is thicker than water.

Unfortunately, if Jack Wartnose is not careful, it will be his blood proving that axiom!

Still on the trail of the Tome of Time, novice Mage Jack Wartnose is confronted by another spectre of his past – Margaret Stormgale, his estranged and vengeful daughter. When she’s not hounding him with her razor-tongue wit, she’s hunting him with her mother’s razor-sharp spear!

But if grappling with the sins of his past wasn’t perilous enough, the disdainful eye of the Inquisition draws down upon him and his quest. And who should be at the tip of the Inquisition’s spear but yet another of Wartnose’s former “acquaintances.”

With all eyes bearing down upon him, can Jack Wartnose continue his quest for not only the Tome of Time, but for atonement? Or will he fall victim to one of the many foes set against him: his estranged daughter, a jilted Inquisition lover, his suspicious superiors at the Mage Council, a sinister figure now shadowing his quest for the tome… or his none-to-pleased wife?

Continue the adventures of Jack Wartnose and his crew in THE FORBEARING MAGE, Book 2 of THE ADVENTURES OF JACK WARTNOSE a low fantasy novel series that promises thrilling sword-and-sorcery adventure with clean humor and romance. Be sure to also catch where the adventure begins with Book 1, THE WAYWARD MAGE. Get your copy and enjoy today!
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