Under the Influence

Under the Influence

Sophia Falcone, the once benevolent daughter of New York’s infamous La Costa Nostra.

Rocco De Luca is danger with a red warning sign, with the face of a saint but the reputation of a sinner- the darkest kind. Murder and vice run through his veins, like the blood that’s runs through hers.

Her resistance to fall for his his icy gray eyes and destructive smile ensues the start of a sizzling power struggle between them, with neither willing to relinquish control of their hearts.

As a tempestuous passion between them starts to brew, Sophia soon realises every step towards the temptation of Rocco is a step towards a terrible secret escaping.

Love, lies and deception collide as Sophia tries to conquer her past, can she capture Rico’s heart or will she just become another casualty of the Mafia? $4.99 on Kindle.
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