The Reading Problem

The Reading Problem

In book 5 of the Mila K. Mysteries we find Mila and her friends tirelessly working on finding the key to the mysterious document found in the library at the University of Chernivtsi.

Why is a secret society so desperate to find it that they send an assassin to infiltrate the staff at the university to try to stop Mila and her friends from learning anything about the document or the key to deciphering it?

The search leads Mila and secret service agent Oleck to journey to Reading, England to find a rare first edition of a book that may hold the key for which they are searching. Meanwhile their friends back in Chernivtsi, Ukraine must work quickly to find any answers they can as they realize the society is closing in on their group and they could be in great peril.

With Mila and Oleck in Reading and the team in Chernivtsi working to find the answers can they find them in time? Or will the society get to them first? $2.99 on Kindle.
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