Free: It’s My Party

It's My Party

High off her success of playing matchmaker for both of her sons, lodge owner Ruby Cavanaugh decides to try her hand pairing other eligible singles—starting with her executive chef and her new event coordinator.

Party planner Claire Choate has a cheating boyfriend who also happens to be her boss. After visiting Oregon for her brother’s wedding—which didn’t even happen—Claire is offered a job that gets her out of LA for good. How can she pass up an opportunity like that?

Executive chef Geoffrey Bere can’t get involved with anyone. It’s almost time for him to leave Oregon and return to his native country of Malquar. Per his agreement with his parents, the king and queen, he must return to public life and quit pretending to be someone else.

Will love win out or will Geoffrey have no choice but to return home? Free on Kindle.
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