Free: Chug and Thug

CHUG AND THUG is a series of rhyming children’s picture books ideal for little ones aged 3 through 8. The stories are engaging and beautifully illustrated, and center on the adventures of two bugs, Chug and Thug. The books also provide an excellent opportunity for teachers and parents to uncover emotional issues facing young children that they might not otherwise talk about. Through the adventures of Chug and Thug, the series encourages empathy, patience, mindfulness, courage, and being true to self in the face of peer pressure. Free to $5.99 on Kindle.


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Disclaimer: "Chug and Thug" price was accurate on October 06th, 2021. However, Amazon Kindle book prices can and do change frequently and without notice. Before you buy a book on Kindle, it's best to double check the price. If you purchased a Kindle book that you thought was free, you can return it by following the Kindle book return instructions here.

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