Sanctum: Sands of Setesh

Sanctum: Sands of Setesh

When they left Avalon, it was in search of adventure. Now Reynard was dead, and she was trapped on the mainland with no way home but to complete his quest and hope the Lord Wanderer would be appeased. But Setesh is nothing like the mystical realm of Avalon, and Ser Isolde will have to befriend someone if she is to see this through. She never expected it to be an orc.
Pledged to the service of the Radiant Lord, Orc Priest Tulok is assigned the duty of helping this strange knight see her quest to its end on their shores. There are more dangers in these sands than scorpions and blistering heat this unlikely pair must overcome if they are to see this to the end — the Divine of Sanctum still walk the lands, and they have a vested interest in the Knight and her Priestly companion. Welcome to Sanctum. $0.99 on Kindle.

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