Quick Sands

Quick Sands

Money. Love. Murder. Sand?

Ex-FBI intelligence analyst Theo Ramage doesn’t want to die in an endless West Texas wasteland, but there’s gold in them thar hills… or rather, dunes, and old habits die hard.

The fracking craze in the Permian Basin has made Texas sand worth billions, transforming the endless sea of windswept dunes into a modern day El Dorado. All Ramage wants is his truck and load of fresh cut Christmas trees back, but due process in Prairie Home is a bullet, and Ramage won’t stand-down. He joins forces with embattled local rancher Anna Gutierrez, and the duo finds themselves plunged into a world of eco-terrorism, drugs, and murder.

The sheriff wants Ramage gone. The local crime boss, the Sandman, wants him dead, and nobody in the badlands of Texas will give him the time of day, but Ramage can’t let sleeping dogs lie. It’s not in his DNA. $2.99 on Kindle.

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