Free: Lori Daniels Mystery: Pillow Talk

Lori Daniels Mystery: Pillow Talk
“A hard-hitting, no-nonsense, crime thriller.” –IndieReader

Pillow Talk is the first book in the original trilogy for the Lori Daniels Mystery series and has been re-edited and rewritten for better content.

Police Detective Lori Daniels has a knack for picking the wrong guy as a lover. This complicates her next big assignment.

One former lover from high school is now the front man for a major illegal drug distributor. Another former lover is the captain of the Police Internal Affairs Division, who vows to have Lori kicked off the police force, even if it means framing her as a gang informant. Her present lover is the hotshot detective from another precinct, who is super successful in bringing down the drug gangs, and also has a super ego to match.

Strategies devised by the State Police, City Police, Internal Affairs, and a Drug Gang, including using moles and informants, all go haywire. In the end, the trust between friends, along with steady and reliable police work, leads to the capture of a major drug lord.

“Full of action and numerous dead bodies.” –Midwest Book Review. Free on Kindle.

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