Regency Destiny Collection (36 Book Box Set)

Regency Destiny Collection: 36 Book Box Set

Enjoy this sweet, heart-warming collection of Regency romance stories. Be swept away in love as men and women find the person who is their destiny in life. Despite intrigue and obstacles, love will find a way into their hearts.

The collection includes:

The Duke’s Deception
The Duke’s Indiscretion
The Duke’s Deadly Secret
The Duke’s Dark Desire
The Disappearing Duke
The Duke’s Redemption
The Duke’s Unveiling
The Duke’s Destiny
The Duke’s Temptation
Captivating the Duke
Betraying the Duke
Capturing the Duke’s Heart
Melting the Duke’s Heart
Rescued from the Duke
Capturing the Earl’s Heart
The Governess and the Dispassionate Duke
The Earl’s Lost Love
The Duke’s Second Chance at Love
The Duke and the Earl’s Daughter
The Duke’s Forbidden Lady
The Governess and the Broken Hearted Duke
Rejected by the Embittered Earl
The Duke’s Unfaithful Love
Rescued from the Earl
The Duke’s First Love
Charming the Duke
Deceiving the Earl
The Rake Duke
The Duke’s Hidden Secrets
Rejecting the Duke
Accusing the Duke
Ruining the Duke
Intriguing the Duke
The Earl and the Chambermaid
The Earl’s Christmas Love
Christmas with the Marquess
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