CITY OF PROMISES: An Atmospheric Romance of Mexico City’s Golden Age

CITY OF PROMISES: An Atmospheric Romance of Mexico City's Golden Age

A fantastic setting for this wonderfully written, memorable sweep through time, history, and the search for what love really means.

She’s a headliner showgirl star who knows all about the perils of glamour and fame; he’s an ambitious young entrepreneur with fine-tuned plans for his future. She is lust after by every privileged politico in the country and adept at fending most of them off. He is so consumed by his work, he didn’t even know who she was. That’s what Meche liked most about handsome Arturo when their lives crossed paths in the lounge car of the overnight express from Mexico City to Veracruz.

Meche wanted this man and she wouldn’t waste time letting him know it.

Arturo was smitten, but what of the other magnet in his life?

A man moving up meets all kinds of people in that seductive city. Powerful men who can boost business prospects or luscious women that will change the course of a life. Without women, life is without drama. Bottles of rum in smoke filled bars, music, sultry women and impassioned conversation. Opportunity, corruption and crime.

Ana knew it. “Arturo is a man with goodness in his heart. A girl like me could tell in an instant. He believed in me and he was so easy to love. Arturo couldn’t sense the warning signs a woman can. That pack of important politicos pulled him in. You cannot become compromised by their schemes and expect to walk away.”

Each day Arturo’s reasons for quitting got bigger and his way out got smaller. We all face consequential choices that define our life. “I had to do what I did or lose my soul.”

What can be said of life without one true love?

In many ways, City of Promises gives you exactly what Arturo was seeking in the big city – the thrill of excitement, adventure, magical love. And the murky world of corruption he was forced to adlib his way through. He was always a survivor.

You will want your comfy place to curl up and enjoy D Grant Fitter’s skillful mastery transporting you to a unique location in a different time. He weaves the threads of this historically acute adventure into an incredible story. $1.44 on Kindle.

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