From the Painted Tomb (Paranormal Romance)

FROM THE PAINTED TOMB: Something Ancient is on its Way
A lonely newspaper reporter who vows to never trust again,
An immortal Egyptian prince from the 18th Dynasty who hides his identity,
The monsterous shapeshifter that stalks them both.


Krista Hawthorne knew nothing about her past. Her only connection to her parents is a vague memory of a tragic accident when she was four, and a mysterious Egyptian ankh she inherited from her mother.

After a heartbreaking betrayal, she transfers to a small newspaper in the Appalachian mountains, wanting only to live a quiet life and avoid romantic entangelements. But loneliness drives her to accept an evening out with a coworker.

That night, just as the full moon rises over the Lune River, a bloodcurdling howl echoes across the hillside, and a mythical creature wearing an Egyptian ankh similar to the one she inherited, savagely attacks her date. She survives, but no one believes her story. She lives in terror knowing it’s out there, yet finds herself drawn to the sheriff, Hugh Rawlins. A man of contradictions, he helps her discover her true heritage and reveals why that creature let her live. $0.99 on Kindle

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