How to Magnify Text on Fire Tablets and Kindle eReaders

If you have low vision or struggle to read small fonts, you can easily increase the text size on your Fire tablet or a Kindle eReader. Infact, you can make the font size in Kindle books even larger than large-print physical books. With all Kindle devices and free Kindle Reading apps, you can customize the print size other elements of your books, ranging from font size to screen brightness to high-contrast themes. Whether you have an older Kindle model or the latest Kindle Fire device, you can easily choose the visual settings that make your reading experience convenient and comfortable.

Screen Magnifier for Kindle Fire Tablets

Kindle Fire tablets (4th Generation and above) have the Screen Magnifier feature, which simply lets you magnify elements on your screen to view images and text in closer detail. To magnify or zoom in on a Kindle book, just head to your device’s settings, tap Accessibility, and then toggle the switch next to the Screen Magnifier.

Once you’ve enabled this feature, the following actions will enable you to enlarge text and zoom in to your preferred magnification level:

      • Magnify the screen. Triple-tap the screen with one finger.
      • Pan. To pan across an enlarged page, hold two fingers slightly apart and drag them across the screen.
      • Adjust zoom level. Use two fingers and pinch together or spread apart to adjust the zoom level when the screen is magnified.
      • Temporarily magnify screen. If you just need to zoom in on a certain element briefly, triple-tap the screen with one finger and hold down. Pan across the screen by dragging your finger, and then release once you’re finished viewing that section.

Large Text Options for Kindle eReaders

With all Kindle eReaders, users can adjust font size, font type, screen brightness, margin size, and even invert the colors of the text and background for easier reading. If readers would prefer to use a screen reader or a refreshable braille display, they can pair their assistive technologies with any of the free Kindle apps as well.

On older Kindle eReaders, users can adjust their font style, color, and size by hitting the “Aa” button on the keyboard next to the space bar. For 2nd Generation Kindles and newer, readers can just tap anywhere on the screen to reveal the reading toolbar and click the “Aa” option on the left side of the toolbar. Once users go into this setting, they will be able to:

      • Enlarge or decrease font size.
      • Adjust line spacing and margins.
      • Choose a different font.
      • Adjust color preferences.
      • Change screen brightness.

After you finish customizing these settings, tap “X” to exit the feature and see how your choices changed the appearance of your Kindle books.

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