9 Much-Needed Kindle Improvements

Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets have been some of the most popular digital reading devices for over 12 years, but there are plenty of other competitors on the market. The Nook Glowlight, for example, is waterproof and includes a headphone jack. Kobo tablets support the most file types, whereas Kindle devices aren’t even compatible with ePub files.

To stay competitive in a growing market, Amazon needs to consider adding new features to their next generation of Kindles. Here 9 improvements that we, at kobovskindlereviews, think will greatly improve the Kindle experience. Kindle device product team, we hope you’re listening!

1. A reading stats tracker

Apps like Bookly make it simple for readers to keep track of the books they read, set goals to make reading part of their daily routine, and improve their reading skills over time. Imagine how nice it would be for a Kindle to have a built-in app to track your reading habits!

2. Easy book-browsing features

Using the search function on your Kindle device isn’t always the most reliable tool for finding your next favorite read. Amazon could improve the search feature by including categories for paid and free books, organized by genre.

3. A hinged cover

A beautiful, hinged cover for your Kindle could serve as a protective case for the device and give you the added satisfaction of “closing” your book when you finish reading for the day.

4. Better build quality

Although we’re reluctant to admit it, Kindle devices are not exactly built to stand the test of time. iPads tend to last much longer, and Amazon could certainly update their line of Kindles to be more reliable in the long run.

5. A larger screen

Most Kindle ereaders have a small screen size. Older readers may enjoy larger sized devices because they can display bigger font sizes, on-screen buttons and icons.

6. Faster processors

As most Kindle owners know, these devices can still freeze up or glitch at seemingly random times. Not only is this inconvenient for readers, but it’s hard to believe that Amazon has yet to resolve this ongoing problem with each generation of Kindle devices.

7. Compatibility with ePub files

As mentioned in the introduction, Kindle tablets can’t open ePub files, which is one of the most common types of files outside of the Kindle store itself. Adding this functionality could actually re-convert previous Kindle users who are currently using another brand of eReader that supports additional types of files.

8. A built-in reading timer

Whether you want to encourage your child to read more or if you’re trying to make reading a daily habit, a built-in timer on your Kindle would be a handy feature to help you reach your goals and track your progress.

9. Reader polls

Kindle could help develop a deeper sense of community among readers by encouraging interactions through book polls, quizzes, or other questionnaires. Readers could contribute their thoughts and then view the total percentage of answers from others who like similar book genres.


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