9 New E-Readers and E-Ink Devices that Are Worthy Kindle Alternative

If you’re thinking about replacing your old e-Reader, look no further than these 9 exciting new reading e-ink devices! Whether you’re looking for something with plenty of storage space for all your free books, pdfs and documents or a tablet that feels like a real book or a color e-ink device, you’re sure to find something on this list for you. 1. Top Joy Butterfly The TopJoy Butterfly comes in 2 sizes, including a 7.8” color display and a 6” color display. This tablet was designed wit... [Read More...]

Amazon to End Free 3G Service for Kindle eReaders

Amazon recently announced that Kindle e-ink devices will no longer be able to access the Kindle store, the web or content through 3G networks beginning in 2022. Learn more about what this change will mean for you and how you can prepare for the update in this quick FAQ guide. What is free 3G service on Kindle? Free 3G service, or free cellular connectivity, allow Kindle users to access the internet and the Kindle store without having to pay fee. In earlier years, Amazon made contracts with diff... [Read More...]