Dark Forces in the Wilderness

Dark Forces in the Wilderness

This is a suspense thriller that is full of engaging twists and turns. It narrates an intense battle between scientists and dangerous terrorists and artfully intertwines it with a tale of caring love.

It is the story of a young world-renowned scientific genius John Ibersson and a young beautiful intelligent socialite Jeannette Richmond. After accidentally becoming lost in a vast mountainous wilderness, they stumble on a large group of brutal terrorists that are hidden deep in the dense wilderness. The terrorists are developing cutting-edge nanotechnologies with which to manipulate people’s minds and secretly take over the top corporations and governments in the world. They are well-financed and are made more dangerous by a cryptic association with high ranking U.S. government officials and scientists in Washington. John and Jeannette uncover what the terrorist are up to. They must now race against the clock to find a way to elude them and launch a counterattack before the terrorists kill them or inflict their technologies on corporations and transform the world. This takes John and Jeannette on a roller-coaster journey where their lives are relentlessly threatened as they fight back with scientific ingenuity. The story flows through a dangerous wilderness, starvation in a blistering desert, high society celebrations, wealth, and scientists in action. As the conflict escalates, the book becomes a gripping page-turner to see what happens next. $0.99 on Kindle.

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