The Galactic Battle Base: Space Dust

The Galactic Battle Base: Space Dust

It’s the year 2848. 20-year-old Axel Jensen is just one of the 2.5 million military personnel, support staff, and family members on the Galactic Battle Base.

He wants off.

Starting university, his astrogation scores are too low to qualify him for any careers that would take him out of the base. He could go into a technical field like his parents or join the infantry, but that would only commit him to another 20 years inside the giant, tubular, space ship. Instead, he turns to selling contraband to earn enough Federated Worlds credits to buy a ticket to the nearest inhabited planet.

While developing his sectors to sell illicit compounds he continues at the university and falls in love with Ursseanna, his shy and intelligent astrogation tutor.

However, the criminal world may be more than he bargained for. As he begins to find success in building his underworld empire, those above him in the chain of command seek to take away from him everything he has worked for, including Ursseanna.

If you’re looking for Young Adult action and adventure, with a dash of love, in a vast Science Fiction environment, The Galactic Battle Base is the place for you. $0.99 on Kindle.

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