Seal Cove

Seal CoveShe rescues animals. Not people. But she couldn’t just leave him…

After becoming a widow, Elle Ashburn returns to her hometown of Rocky Shores, Oregon, and tries to put her life back together.

Elle isn’t a big fan of people. Especially men. She prefers to spend time with the animals she rescues, help out at her family’s bakery, and explore the beach at Seal Cove, her secret sanctuary. But one day she discovers a handsome stranger stranded on her beach. A man who needs help. Against every instinct, she decides to help him.

Chase Montgomery finds himself inexplicably drawn to his rescuer, the mysterious and intriguing Elle. Although she is clearly wounded from something in her past, Chase is determined to help her. As he unearths her secrets, he finds himself falling in love … and consumed with guilt.

Because he has a secret of his own.

Will Elle be able to look beyond his deceit and accept him for the man he is, or will she go back to the wounded woman who found him at Seal Cove? $2.99 on Kindle

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