Free: Battle for Dochas – #2 Warfare at Shepherd Lake

Battle for Dochas - #2 Warfare at Shepherd Lake

Lord Gabriel and Aylin Bénézet have encountered the enemy, the Bellorans. Can they lead their forces to victory against the evil oppressors at the Battle at Shepherd Lake?

In this, the second volume in his, Battle for Dochas series, Thomas Johnson continues his gripping fantasy tale. Gabriel and Aylin must restore the realm after millions perished in the cruel Belloran attacks against their people. They have learned nothing of the fate of the king and queen, nor of the members of the royal court. They are forced to assume they alone must restore the land.

After moving across the land with quiet determination, Gabriel and Aylin, and their troupe, enter the dark domain of the Forest Tenebris seeking safety from the pursuing Bellorans. When they become separated, she is apprehended by Borra, the cruel enemy from the Continentem Bellor. Her capture results in Lord Gabriel setting out to free her from the clutches of his evil adversary, knowing his designs will lead to a deadly Battle at Shepherd Lake. Free on Kindle.

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