The REAL Program Manager’s Handbook

The REAL Program Manager's Handbook

Do you work a 9 to 5? It doesn’t matter if you manage projects, crunch numbers, or bag groceries 5 days a week. Chances are you run into more than one of these annoying situations: a co-worker who calls to ask you the SAME question you’ve answered at least 3 times already. A seemingly never-ending meeting that cuts into your valuable online shopping or gaming time.

The solutions to these and other insanely irritating situations are found right here in this brief, easy-to-follow handbook. And when I say brief, I mean brief. I know how precious your time is. After all, it’s not quitting time just yet. You’ve got status updates, tweeting, and a ton of weekend planning to do! $2.99 on Kindleamazon buy now

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