450 One Line Insults and Put Downs: Funny Put Downs and Horrible Insults That’ll Win Any Argument

If you want to verbally destroy your friends and family with hilarious comebacks, without sounding like a child, then read on… Looking to zing your friends, family, and co-workers with laughable one-liners? Want a quick and simple insult that is perfect for every situation? In need of a hilarious gag gift that’ll leave your recipient laughing out loud? If so, 450 One Line Insults and Put Downs is for you, because it was written by professional comedians that specialize in raunchy retorts, c... [Read More...]

2020, An Obese Turtle: 101 COVID Words and Phrases We Want to Forget

A funny, satirical and touching book about the myriad of new words and phrases 2020 and COVID-19 have given us. From Zumping (getting dumped on Zoom), to Covidiots to “when can I hug again” this humorous list covers 101 of the most poignant words and phrases. Some we just want to forget, some will live with us forever. A percent of profits will be donated to essential workers. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Massive in Lapland

A Christmas Story for Alan Rose and Frankie Fortune. Alan gets the trip of a lifetime. A trip to Lapland to see Santa’s grotto and the Northern Lights. All he has to do is perform a couple of stand up shows to bemused Finns. Pekka Pekkonen is Finland’s finest comedian, but he’s had enough of the limelight and wants out. When Alan and Pekka meet, will they discover who really is Massive In Lapland? $1.24 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Jack Hansen – Small Man of the Big City: A Day Like Any Other

Do you feel like a squirrel trapped inside a spinning wheel? Then you simply haven’t met Jack Hansen yet! Jack is an alright guy, but he’s always betrayed by his bad luck. His neighbor, Garry, is always hooking up with yet another stunner. His co-worker, Bill, is constantly pursuing a brunette who ignores him. The toady Larson is always fawning and groveling to ingratiate himself to and become his boss’s favorite. Austin next door does not believe in the sincerity of his lover Phil’s fe... [Read More...]

The Joint of No Return

Bumbling stoner Charlie Hong has spent the last year in hiding, cultivating one last hare-brained scheme to escape his troubles: a clandestine marijuana operation. Just as he’s about to cash in, his cash crop is stolen by a bright light appearing in the night sky. After catching a ride with one of his plants, he finds himself thrown into a world far stranger than anything he could have possibly imagined. Does the stoned stowaway have what it takes to free the Starseed—a massive living space... [Read More...]

My Neighbours Are Stealing My Mail

More hilarious ghostly capers with Alan Rose and the Ghost of a 1970s stand – up comedian Frankie Fortune. In their fourth book Alan Rose has quit his job and, much to his disappointment moved in with his girlfriend, Rosie. But if only it was. Rosy, that is. You see, he’s not getting any mail. Convinced his neighbors are stealing it, he investigates. Only to find evidence of…witchcraft. Meanwhile the Merton Palace Theatre is being renovated. As the building work continues, strange noises ... [Read More...]

Bad Elf

A Goth-elf, Jack is not like most other elves at The Pole. He hates the cold. Hates making toys. And he thinks Santa might be just a little bit too stingy with the coal. Afraid he might belong to a darker side of Christmas, Jack dreams of running away while Santa is out delivering presents. He steals the Naughty List, planning to use it as a map to find his Christmas demon idol, Krampus, who travels the world Christmas Eve to punish all the Naughty Children. But Jack’s dream turns nightma... [Read More...]