Free: Eleven Lifetimes an Astrologer

Eleven Lifetimes an Astrologer

This is not an ordinary astrological cookbook. It’s a totally different take on astrology that insists we must look backward in order to move forward.

Sonrisa East takes us through mankind’s deep history, past our galaxy, and then circles into the future of humanity, including the possibility of birth on other planets. Most people haven’t considered what changes to humanity a human birth on a planet with 62 moons might cause. But after you read this book, you will.

This book wraps new information from cutting edge astronomical research we’ve only learned in the past five years around ancient history and mythology in a delightfully intriguing way.

Eleven Lifetimes an Astrologer will make you think about astrology in ways you have never considered. It will test the boundaries of your knowledge—and belief—in an attempt to “stretch your eyes enough for them to grow.” And it may just change how you use astrology forever. Free on Kindle.
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