First-Time Grandparents

First-Time Grandparents
First-Time Grandparents is a book dedicated to guide you through your journey with your grandchildren. Learn how to enjoy every moment with your little bundle of joy and how to guide your own child in the journey of being a parent.

From receiving the news to watching your grandchild grow up, First-Time Grandparents has it all. It even offers scenarios in which how things may unfold and helps understand situations and how best to react to them without causing your child and your grandchild any stress.

There is no structure or proper guidebook to become a grandparent. However, there are ways to prepare yourself for many possible things that may happen. Being a parent is a life-long commitment, First-Time Grandparent will guide you in various ways to support your child as they guide a child of their own and help you become the best grandparent along the way. $0.99 on Kindle.
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