Mr. CEO (Bad Boys Next Door)

Mr. CEO (Bad Boys Next Door)
From USA Today bestselling authors, Willow Winters and Lauren Landish, comes a seductive office romance. I’m used to dominating the boardroom and getting what I want. But I’ve never wanted anyone like her. Even though I have the world at my beck and call, it no longer excites me. Nothing does. Until she comes along.My Rose.Her deep blue eyes.Her tempting curves. They call to me, consuming my thoughts like nothing has in years. I should walk away, but the soft sighs spilling from her plump lips are addictive. I’ve never felt such desire. I’ve never wanted like this. I shouldn’t fall this deep and I know it. There’s a reason I keep everyone away, and I need to remember that. But now that I have her in my grasp, I can’t let her go. $0.99 on Kindle.
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