Pearly Everlasting

Pearly Everlasting
“Awarded a Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Editorial Book Review Dec 2022!”

Pearly Everlasting tells the story of Salvia Fischetti, a painter tortured by guilt over her daughter’s death. Morgan Pochyrus is a biker poet consumed by guilt over secrets in his own past. The unlikely meeting of the pair — and their valiant attempts to save an infant facing a life-threatening illness — lead both characters toward healing in an unexpected way, in this gripping and beautifully written novel.

“Claudia Ricci’s riveting and sometimes explosive novel Pearly Everlasting…is a novel to be read for its compassion, mastery of woven narrative and character, and always relevant themes of commitment, love, and redemption.”
~Eugene K. Garber, Ph.D., author of seven books of award-winning fiction, including Metaphysical Tales, The Historian, and Maison Cristina

“With tactile and fast-paced prose, Pearly Everlasting, by Claudia Ricci, takes us through the chaos of grief and loss to eventual deliverance and shows us how chance events can turn into second chances.”
~Rebecca Burke, Washington, D.C. $2.99 on Kindle.
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