A Fake Fiancée for Christmas (Alpha Billionaire)

A Fake Fiancée for Christmas (Alpha Billionaire)
My sister is the reason I’m in this mess, and on the hunt for a fake fiancée to show off to our grandmother… “Jace has a girlfriend.” She just had to say those words, didn’t she? Oh, I hate her. But I think I love Bailey… the matchmaker I thought would introduce me to my fake fiancée. She agreed to play the role herself, just for Christmas. And it’s perfect because she doesn’t want anything real either. Heck, she even told me she had a boyfriend. I couldn’t have asked for a better deal. Except… that my feelings are all over the place. A playboy like me doesn’t know how to fall in love… And yet, here I am, admiring the way Bailey walks, the way her hair falls over her shoulders. But this playboy is about to lose the love game… Does she really have another man in her life? And what about the little secret that would be born on Christmas? $0.99 on Kindle.
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